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Body Parts And Clothes In Afrikaans

Body Parts And Clothes In Afrikaans

If you’re new to Afrikaans, it’s important to learn common, popular vocabulary that you’re likely to use every day. For that reason, most beginners start with the basics, as these are usually the easiest words to remember.

This is especially true of Afrikaans, which, thanks to its similarities to English, has plenty of words English speakers will immediately recognize, thus making the learning/memorization process a whole lot easier.

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Two of the things you should learn early on in any language are the body parts (liggaamsdele) and the clothes (klere) that go on them. After all, you need to be able to communicate what hurts and identify which articles of clothing you’re wearing!

We’ve split everything up into sections so you can learn the vocabulary little by little.

Head in Afrikaans

Face in Afrikaans

This section deals with the head and all the body parts associated with it.

English Afrikaans
Head Kop
Face Gesig
Hair Hare
Ear Oor
Nose Neus
Forehead Voorkop
Mouth Mond
Chin Ken
Jaw Kaak
Teeth Tande
Lips Lippe
Eyebrow Wenkbrou
Eyelashes Wimpers
Tongue Tong
Cheek Wang

Upper body in Afrikaans

Upper body in Afrikaans

In this section, you’ll learn the words for the body parts that are located on the upper half of the human body.

English Afrikaans
Neck Nek
Chest Bors
Arm Arm
Back Rug
Hand Hand
Fingers Vingers
Shoulder Skouer
Stomach Maag
Throat Keel
Fingernail Vingernael
Elbow Elmboog
Wrist Pols

Lower body in Afrikaans

Lower body in Afrikaans

Now we come to the lower body. In this section, you’ll learn the words for the body parts that are located on the lower half of the body.

English Afrikaans
Leg Been
Knee Knie
Ankle Enkel
Foot Voet
Toes Tone
Thigh Bobeen
Heel Hak

Inner body and organs in Afrikaans

Internal organs in Afrikaans

A list of body parts wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the organs, would it? In this section, we’ll introduce you to the words for some of the more important organs in Afrikaans.

English Afrikaans
Skin Vel
Kidney Nier
Liver Lewer
Heart Hart
Brain Brein
Lung Long
Blood Bloed
Bones Bene
Muscle Spier

Clothes in Afrikaans

Clothing in Afrikaans

Finally, we come to the topic of clothes. In this section, you’ll learn the words for some articles of clothing in Afrikaans.

English Afrikaans
Hat Hoed
Gloves Handskoene
Shirt Hemp
Dress Rok
Skirt Romp
Sweater/Jumper Trui
Trousers/Pants Broeke
Underwear Onderklere
Shorts Kortbroeke
Shoes Skoene
Boots Stewels
Socks Sokkies
Scarf Serp
Earrings Oorbelle
Coat Jas
Jacket Baadjie
Ring Ring
Necklace Halssnoer

Learning the words for the various body parts and clothing items in Afrikaans is a great starting point for any beginner. By familiarizing yourself with the vocabulary in this article, you’ll be one step closer to being able to communicate effectively in Afrikaans.

Wanna test your knowledge? Take our 21-question Afrikaans body parts quiz and see how much you’ve learned.