Everything You Need To Learn Cebuano

Everything You Need To Learn Cebuano

Cebuano (also known as Binisaya or Bisaya), is a Central Philippine language that is the most commonly spoken language in the Visayas, a geographical region of the Philippines comprising several islands.

Cebuano speakers number over 20 million and this popularity has made Cebuano a Philippine “second language”.

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Yet, despite its status in the country, Cebuano language learning materials are scarce, at least outside of the Philippines, and certainly compared to the more well-known, more widely-spoken Tagalog.

Thus, this list of resources is small, but there’s still more than enough here to get you well on your way to Cebuano fluency.

Cebuano Language Learning Books

If you learn better with written content, the best place to start with learning Cebuano is probably with a good, comprehensive Cebuano course book. These books will typically cover all the essentials you need to master a language, such as basic grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation, etc.

In addition to that, an English-Cebuano dictionary, will be an invaluable resource as your skills advance. You’ll encounter so many new Cebuano words along the way that having a good dictionary to hand is a no-brainer.

Cebuano Children’s Books

Reading Cebuano books written for children is one of more enjoyable ways for beginners to improve their language skills.

Cebuano kids’ books are often written for easy reading, with simple sentences and vocabulary words that follow one another in predictable patterns. They’re written so as to be easily accessible and engaging, which makes them perfect for learners.

Most of the books on this list are have dual English-Cebuano text, meaning you can read and compare your progress as you go.

Cebuano Digital Courses

Beyond books and dictionaries, there aren’t many Cebuano learning courses on the market (at least not for non-Filipinos), but you can still find a couple of e-courses out there.

If you’re an audiovisual learner who finds text book language learning boring, and your main focus is speaking Cebuano from day one, then an e-course is a great idea.

Udemy is one of the few places where you can find an affordable Cebuano course with real, extensive content that you can access from any device. You also get lifetime access to future updates and a supportive community of fellow learners to help you stay motivated.


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