Everything You Need To Learn Corsican

Everything You Need To Learn Corsican

Corsican (Corsu) is an Italo-Dalmatian language spoken by over 250,000 people across Corsica and some parts of Italy.

It’s the native language of the Corsicans, who are an ethnic group indigenous to Corsica, a French island located southeast of mainland France in the Mediterranean Sea.

Corsican is closely related to Italian and was once considered a dialect of it. This means that if you speak Italian, learning Corsican won’t be very difficult for you.

For the rest of us non-Italian speakers, however, learning Corsican will be a lot more challenging, because unfortunately, Corsican learning materials are rather sparse. An understatement, actually.

We won’t lie to you, we were unable to find sufficient Corsican resources for English speakers interested in learning this lovely, underappreciated language. Thus, this list is minuscule in comparison with others on this site, but it does include the most helpful of what we did find.

Corsican Language Learning Books

The only Corsican study book we were able to find was written for French learners. If you do speak French, you’re in luck. With a Corsican phrasebook, you’ll be able to communicate quickly and easily with Corsicans using the most common phrases. You won’t get bogged down with learning grammar and the like.

Corsican Children’s Books

As with everything else in this language, Corsican kids’ books available internationally are scarce. You can find a handful, but that’s about it.

We recommend that beginners read Corsican books written for children, because they’re easy to read and they’ll expose you to simple words and phrases when you first start out.

What’s more, the children’s books on our list are either dual English-Corsican or Corsican translations of famous English stories, meaning that you’ll easily be able to reference the English versions for help with comprehension.

Corsican Digital Courses

Surprisingly, we did come across a Corsican e-course made for English speakers. Since there are no written courses, the only way to learn Corsican is through audio instruction.

Corsican audio courses tend to focus on the most common phrases and words used by natives, and are designed to get you speaking and understanding the language as quickly as possible.

The other great thing about Corsican audio courses is that they can be downloaded to a mobile device and used anywhere.


Talk Now! Learn Corsican: Beginners (Corsican and English Edition)