Everything You Need To Learn Frisian

Everything You Need To Learn Frisian

Frisian is a West Germanic language that’s said to be the closest related language to English. It’s natively spoken by the people of Friesland, a northern province located in the Netherlands.

The Frisian Language is one of three official languages of the Northern Netherlands alongside Dutch, and is spoken by approximately 400,000 people across Friesland and other regions like Groningen, Overijssel, and Drenthe.

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As one might expect from a language with so few speakers, no real effort has been made to teach the language to foreigners, thus Frisian learning materials are scarce.

We did manage to find a few, and we believe that with them, you will be able to learn this fascinating language on your own.

Frisian Language Learning Books

Your best (and only) bet to learn Frisian is through Frisian course/study books, seeing as there are no digital Frisian courses available, and likely no Frisian classes either online or near you.

With a Frisian course book, you’ll learn Frisian grammar, learn how the language is structured, and you’ll gradually build your vocabulary. These things together will give you a solid foundation in the language.

A Frisian dictionary will also be an invaluable resource for you, as it will serve as a great reference guide.

Frisian Children’s Books

You can strengthen the foundation you build in your Frisian written course by reading Frisian stories written for children. These books often use simple language, so they’re easy for beginners to read.