Everything You Need To Learn Greek

Everything You Need To Learn Greek

The Greek language is one of the oldest written languages in the world. Today, this Indo-European language is the official language of Greece, Cyprus, and several other countries, where it’s spoken by over 13 million people.

Greece was the birthplace of democracy, theatre, literature and philosophy. The Greek language has influenced many languages, including English.

Greek is written using the Greek alphabet, which, like Hebrew, derived from the Phoenician alphabet. As such, to gain fluency in Greek, you need to learn not only how to speak it, but also how to read and write it.

The good news is that there’s no shortage of Greek learning materials out there to help you achieve fluency in this ancient language. Below, we’ve compiled a list of those we find most useful.

Greek Language Learning Books

To learn Greek on your own, you might want to start with a Greek course/study book. Not only are these usually no more expensive than a pizza, they’ll give you the foundation in vocabulary and grammar you’ll need to build, learn and speak the language.

A concise Greek dictionary, ideally with transliteration, should be high on your list, also. You’ll need a way to quickly look up words as you encounter them, plus see examples of how they’re used.

As Greek uses its own, unique alphabet, at some point you might want to consider getting a Greek alphabet practice writing book. It’s imperative that you familiarize yourself with the Greek alphabet, especially if you’re learning to read and write.

Greek Children’s Books

Reading Greek children’s books will help beginners gain a working knowledge of Greek while enjoying it. It will also increase your Greek vocabulary as you learn new words and phrases.

Greek children’s picture books with simple sentences are best for those just starting out in their studies, as they ease you into the language, won’t overwhelm you, and are filled with memorable illustrations that will aid in memorizing new vocabulary.

Greek Fiction

As you get more comfortable with the language, you’ll want to read things that are more challenging and relatable. This is when it’s time to get yourself some Greek books written for adults.

Greek adult fiction and non-fiction will help you gain a better understanding of the spoken word and how it’s used. While there’s no substitute for learning to speak Greek, reading books in your target language will help with both vocabulary and comprehension, giving you a deeper understanding of what you hear when people speak to you in Greek.

Greek Movies & TV Shows

One of the most fun and effective ways to not only strengthen your listening skills but boost your vocabulary in a natural way, is by watching Greek movies and/or TV shows.

Greek DVDs offer an excellent way to get you used to the correct pronunciation, stress, and rhythm of the language. You’ll also pick up things like common slang as well as idiomatic phrases.

Greek Digital Courses

If you want to get serious about learning to speak Greek, you’ll probably need a digital course that focuses on getting you to communicate in the language as opposed to just teaching you about how the language works in theory.

Greek e-courses are great for those who learn better with audiovisual material, and would suit anyone who’s planning a trip to Greece sometime in the near future, as you’ll learn conversational Greek.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many Greek e-courses, audio or otherwise, on the market. Udemy does offer at least one, and a pretty good one at that. Udemy’s Greek course is super affordable and you get lots of bang for your buck: the course features an impressive 16 hours of video instruction!

The best part? You can access it on any device, including a smart TV, and you’ll get lifetime access to all future updates.


Greek Products

Greek products are meant to supplement your learning, giving you ways to learn the language that are varied and fun. Greek flash cards are great for memorizing vocabulary, while Greek vocabulary posters are great for sticking around the house.

Free Greek Worksheets

Practice makes perfect, and what better way to put your new skills to the test than with a Greek word search puzzle? You can strenghten your Greek vocabulary and learn some new words whilst having fun.

Our Greek worksheets are completely free downloadable PDFs for you to print out at home. They’re ideal for anyone studying Greek on their own.