Everything You Need To Learn Hmong

Everything You Need To Learn Hmong

Hmong is a language spoken by the Hmong people in countries like China, Vietnam and Laos. It is a member of the Miao branch of the Hmong-Yao language family, which in turn belongs to the Chinese-Tibetan language family.

There are around 4 million speakers of the Hmong language in China, with around half a million in Laos, and another few hundred thousand in Vietnam.

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Hmong uses the Romanized Popular Alphabet as its written language, and this makes learning Hmong an easier proposition than other Chinese languages that use more complicated writing systems.

While there aren’t many resources out there to help English speakers learn Hmong, we’ve still come up with a list that we believe will prove very useful to anyone wanting to learn this language.

Hmong Language Learning Books

Learning Hmong with a Hmong course book is a great way to ensure your learning is structured and covers all the bases. You’ll learn the basics of how the language is structured, how Hmong grammar works, and pick up a bunch of useful vocabulary to get you started in the language.

A concise English-Hmong dictionary is a must-have for every Hmong learner. It’s the quick go-to reference guide that you’ll use daily for looking up new words and understanding what they mean in different contexts.

If you’re going to be traveling to a place where Hmong is spoken, consider getting yourself a Hmong phrasebook, too. This way you’ll be able to pick up basic phrases and survival conversation skills in the language.

Hmong Children’s Books

Another way to pick up new vocabulary and improve on your Hmong reading comprehension is by reading Hmong kids’ books. These are great for beginners because they’re usually written using simple grammar and vocabulary, with lots of pictures to support the text.

Hmong Fiction

At some point, you’ll want to move on from children’s books and start reading some more complex material. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick up some Hmong books written for adult readers.

Reading Hmong books written for older, more experienced readers will help you level up your skills. You’ll be reading texts that are more relatable, for one thing, and more challenging for another. All of which makes for a more interesting, memorable read.

Hmong Digital Courses

If you don’t fancy learning Hmong through a book, consider picking up a Hmong e-course for its audiovisual approach to teaching. Hmong digital courses are usually focused on communication, and they’re designed to take you from beginner level all the way to being able to hold a basic conversation in Hmong.

Udemy’s Hmong course is not only comprehensive, giving you over 6 hours of video instruction, it’s super affordable, and you can access it from almost any device, including a smart TV. You also get lifetime membership to the course and all future updates, plus you’ll have access to the online community of fellow Hmong learners taking the course.


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