25 Latin Love Quotes and Proverbs (with audio and English translations)

25 Latin Love Quotes and Proverbs (with audio and English translations)

One of the things I love most in this world is finding awesome proverbs and sayings in different languages. Not only are they often humorous (seriously, I couldn’t tell you how many foreign language proverbs have had me in stitches!), but they give you a unique peek into the culture and wisdom of a place and time.

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Outside of that, though, I’ve found that reading proverbs is a pretty awesome way to pick up the language. Okay, so most of them use language that’s a little dated (and it doesn’t get any more dated than the incredibly dead Latin!), but you can still get so much out of reading them.

For instance, several modern languages derived from Latin, so in essence, learning these old Latin quotes and sayings can actually help you understand bits and pieces of languages like Spanish, French, and Italian.

So, with that in mind, I compiled this list of love quotes in Latin, with their English translations, of course. Love is one of the most popular themes in proverbs, and I thought it would be good to see what the ancient Romans thought about it.


Latin love quotes 1-5

Fructus amōris amor.Love is the fruit of love.
Amantĭum irœ amōris integratio est.The quarrels of lovers lead but to the renewal of love.
Nox et amor vinumque nihil moderābĭle suadent.Late hours and love and wine lead not to moderation in anything.
Amantes amentes sunt.Lovers are madmen.
Cras amet qui nunquam amāvit, Quique amāvit, cras amet.Let those love now, who never loved before, Let those who always loved, now love the more.

Latin love quotes 6-10

Incitamentum enim amōris musĭca.Music provokes love.
Amāre juvĕni fructus est, crimen seni.To love is a pleasure of youth, a sin in old age.
Fucundiōres amōrum post injūrias delĭciœ.The pleasures of love are enhanced by injuries.
Amor tussisque non celantur.Love and a cough cannot be hidden.
Lupis et agnis quanta sortīto obtĭgit, Tecum mihi discordia est.There is as much love between you and me as between the wolf and the lamb.

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Latin love quotes 11-15

Non benĕ conveniunt, nec in una sede morantur Majestas et amor.Love and dignity do not dwell together.
Multi te odĕrint si teipsum ames.Many will hate you if you love yourself.
Amor non patĭtur moras.Love brooks no delay.
Nec amet quenquam nec amētur ab ullo!Let him love none and be by none beloved!
Amāre et sapĕre vix deo concēdītur.To be in love and act wisely is scarcely granted to a god.

Latin love quotes 16-20

Nihil diffĭcĭle amanti.Nothing is difficult in the eyes of a lover.
Qui amat me, amat et canem meum.He who loves me loves my dog too.
Nullis amor est medicābilis herbis.No herb can remedy the anguish of love.
Qui in amōrem, Prœcipĭtāvit pejus perit quàm si saxo saliăt.He who rushes headlong into love will fare worse than if he had cast himself from a precipice.
Omnĭa vincit amor: nos et cedāmus amōri.Love conquers all things: let us own her dominion.

Latin love quotes 21-25

Qui non vult fiĕri desidiōsus, amet.He who would not be indolent, let him fall in love.
Quid non possit amor?What is there that love will not achieve?
Quisquis amat ranam, ranam putat esse Diānam.If a man falls in love with a frog, he thinks his frog a very Diana.
Quod datur ex făcĭli, longum malĕ nutrit amōrem.Love for those too easily won does not last long.
Simulātio amōris pejor odĭo est.Feigned love is worse than hatred.