Everything You Need To Learn Maltese

Everything You Need To Learn Maltese

Maltese is the official language of Malta, a small island nation south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. There are over half a million native speakers of Maltese worldwide.

Maltese belongs to the Semitic branch of languages, which means it’s also distantly related to Arabic and Hebrew. It is a descendant of Siculo-Arabic, a dialect spoken in the Emirate of Sicily in the Middle Ages. Maltese has been deeply influenced by surrounding languages, most notably Italian. It uses the Latin alphabet.

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Outside of Malta, Maltese isn’t very well known. This means that if you’re hoping to learn it, you’ll find the resources extremely scant. The handful of Maltese learning materials we could find are listed below.

Maltese Language Learning Books

Get started with a Maltese study book that’s designed for absolute beginners. Using one of these books will introduce you to the fundamentals of Maltese, including how the language is structured and the grammar concepts that govern it.

A Maltese-English dictionary and phrasebook will help you get the most out of your beginning Maltese studies. A dictionary lets you look up the new Maltese words you encounter, while a phrasebook provides many useful common phrases that are used in everyday conversation.

Maltese Children’s Books

It’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with the Maltese language through reading kids’ books in Maltese. As these books are written in easy-to-read language, and use short sentences with simple structures, beginners will find these stories accessible and won’t overwhelm themselves when reading.

Not only will you improve your Maltese reading comprehension, your general command of the language will improve.

Maltese Digital Courses

Another great way to get started in learning the language is to take a Maltese e-course. These courses are usually composed of audiovisual lessons, and are notable for their focus on speaking and listening skills.

They aim to get you communicating in Maltese right from the get go, and would best suit those planning a trip to Malta sometime in the near future.

Udemy’s Maltese course offers 2.5 hours of video lessons, plus dozens of downloadable worksheets to accompany the course. While EuroTalk’s Talk Now! Maltese course is audio-only. Both are accessible from almost any smart device.


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