Everything You Need To Learn Nepali

Everything You Need To Learn Nepali

Nepali (नेपाली) is a language spoken as a mother tongue by over 16 million people, particularly in Nepal and India. It is one of the 22 official languages of India.

Nepali belongs to the Indo-Aryan languages family, and is most closely related to Hindi, with the degree of mutual intelligibility between the two languages said to be about 70%.

It is written in the Devanagari script (देवनागरी लिपि), which was derived from the Brahmi script.

Though resources for learning Nepali aren’t as plentiful as those for other Indian languages, there is a variety to choose from. We believe you’ll find this selection useful.

Nepali Language Learning Books

A Nepali language course book is a great starting point for any beginner wishing to learn the language, and it’s also a good reference for any intermediate or advanced learner looking to brush up their skills.

These books will typically cover a range of topics, including basic Nepali grammar concepts, language structure, pronunciation, and much more, testing you along the way.

You’ll also need a concise English-Nepali dictionary for reference, something you’ll use constantly on your journey to fluency. A good Nepali dictionary will be packed with useful words and plenty of example sentences to show their use in different contexts.

Nepali Children’s Books

Beginners to the language can give their reading comprehension and vocabulary a real boost by reading kids’ books in Nepali. They’re often written in simple sentences, using basic vocabulary, which makes them ideal for any beginner looking to ease themselves into native material.

You can get even more out of your reading by selecting bilingual English-Nepali children’s books that let you use the English parallel text to help you understand the Nepali story that you’re reading.

Other Nepali Books

When it’s time to branch out to more complex reading material, consider picking up some Nepali books written for older readers. These often tend to tackle more relatable, more complex topics, thereby introducing you to advanced Nepali vocabulary, terms and concepts.

Nepali Movies & TV Shows

One of the best and most fun ways to pick up proper pronunciation, useful vocabulary, and common idiomatic terms is by watching Nepali-language movies or TV shows. These popular media forms will immerse you in the language, and will enable you to learn without even trying.

The Black Hen (Kalo Pothi) [Nepali Language DVD]


Nepali Digital Courses

For those who don’t fancy learning through books, a Nepali e-course could be just the thing you’re looking for. These courses typically use audio and/or video to teach the language, letting you access them from any smart device. Focus is placed on communication and strenghtening your listening and speaking skills.

Udemy’s beginner Nepali course is one of a handful of digital courses that’s readily available. In it you get 4 hours of video lessons, accompanying worksheets to download, and lifetime access to the course and all future updates.


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