The 3 Best Brazilian Portuguese Classes In Sydney

The 3 Best Brazilian Portuguese Classes In Sydney

As with most cities outside of Brazil, finding courses that specialize in teaching Brazilian Portuguese as opposed to regular Portuguese can be extremely difficult. Sydney is no different.

We have, however, managed to find 3 that focus on teaching Brazil’s version of the Portuguese language at all levels (from beginner to advanced). You will thus be able to choose a course that’s right for you, with some even offering to help determine your level, if you’ve had previous exposure to the language.

There are over 2,500 Brazilian-born people in Sydney (though the number of Brazilians living in Sydney is said to exceed 30,000, according to Business Insider); and between 30,000 and 60,000 across the whole of Australia.

While this number doesn’t seem large, there will still be plenty of Brazilians with whom to practice your new skills, should you know where to look. Meetup groups are a great place to meet native Brazilian Portuguese speakers in your area.

Why not pick up one of these before you start? 

Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Brazilian Portuguese

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1. La Lingua Language School

Brazilian Portuguese courses offered by La Lingua Language School are designed to help you communicate in Portuguese with the locals when you’re abroad.

With their teachers being Brazilian natives, you will have an authentic learning experience.

They offer courses in 2 lengths: 8 weeks and 16 weeks. Classes are for 2 hours, and run on the weekend, making this great for busy weekday workers looking to learn the language.

Their lessons are focused on practical communication for traveling, working, and living in Portuguese speaking countries. You will learn how to comprehend Brazilian Portuguese in a variety of situations through their practical teaching methodology.

There are also great ways to practice and apply what you’ve learned in class through their Language Exchange program and pub meet-ups.

Not sure what level you’re at? Simply contact them for free and they’ll assess you and suggest a suitable class.

There’s a one-time enrollment fee of $50.


A$270 – $520


Beginner – Advanced


8 weeks and 16 weeks; Saturdays; 10am – 12pm


Level 7, 301 Castlereagh Street, Haymarket 2000, NSW Australia

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2. The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney provides Brazilian Portuguese courses that are suitable for adult learners who want to learn not only the language but the Brazilian culture.

Courses consist of 2-hour sessions once a week, 10 classes per course, and Classes currently take place online via zoom.

Courses are fully interactive, and you’ll be encouraged to participate. Language immersion (course instruction only in the selected language) may also feature, which is great for quickly enhancing your speaking and comprehension skills in a natural way.

Beginner courses begin by teaching you simple greetings, personal information, and how to express yourself. You’ll also learn about aspects of the culture. There’s no need for any prior knowledge in the language. Their subsequent beginner’s courses (4 in total) build on this foundation.

The Intermediate course focuses on more advanced syntax elements to help students write and speak in Brazilian Portuguese. Those who have previously completed all levels of the Beginner’s Courses (or 95 hours of instruction from other institutions) would be well suited for this level. Subsequent intermediate courses (4 in total) strengthen skills picked up in the initial course.




Beginner – Intermediate (A1, A2, B1, B2)


10 weeks (20 hours); Mondays; 7.30am – 9.30am



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3. Portuguese for Gringos

Portuguese for Gringos is a language school that provides private and group courses.

Personalized one-on-one lessons are offered in the private courses, which are tailored to your level and aligned with your aims for a successful completion.

The private courses consist of modules delivered over 8 1-hour sessions, or you can set your own schedule.

The group courses help to demonstrate the changing, living nature of language in an environment that welcomes people from all walks of life, all in the hopes that more diverse backgrounds and opinions will enrich your study.

Group classes are small and don’t exceed 6 students. In these you’ll interact with your fellow students through games and other exercises. The courses run for 8 week terms, and at the end you’ll get a certificate of completion.

Your lessons will be varied and exciting. They could, for instance, take place at different locations and events, where you’ll be learning while having fun.


Contact for current prices


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced




326 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Online Brazilian Portuguese Courses with Udemy

Brazilian Portuguese Udemy courses are very affordable, with Udemy regularly offering deep discounts. They’re cheap alternatives to in-person courses, and perfect for those on a budget.

We recommend:

Brazilian Portuguese Online Udemy Course

Brazilian Portuguese – The Ultimate Course (Level 1)

Brazilian Portuguese – The Ultimate Course is a comprehensive course in the language of the Brazilian people. This online Udemy course will cover vocabulary, grammar, speaking, pronunciation, reading, as well as introduce you to the Brazilian culture.

You get to work at your own pace from your computer, tablet, phone, or even a smart TV.

There are 6.5 hours of videos, plenty of downloadable materials, plus a certificate of completion. The language content is well-designed, with hundreds of photos that will aid in the understanding of Brazilian Portuguese.

Save the course for use offline, and thanks to your lifetime access, you’ll always get updated materials when they’re released, without having to pay again.

You’ll also be able to communicate and ask questions with thousands of other learners on the course through the comments section.


A$10.99 – A$49.99