Learn to write the 34 basic Amharic letters

Are you interested in learning how to write the Amharic/Ge’ez alphabet? If so, then this Amharic Alphabet Tracing Pack is perfect for you!

This pack includes 12 pages of tracing activities for the first 34 basic letters of the alphabet (i.e. the letters in their most base form, before adding the vowels).

Each letter has 7 tracings to help you get comfortable writing them, plus there are three blank boxes to practice writing on your own.

There’s even a rough pronunciation guide for every letter so you can master the correct way to say them.

This tracing pack is great for beginners and makes learning the Amharic alphabet easy and fun. And the best part? This is a digital download only, in PDF format, so no waiting for shipping! Just download, print, and start tracing today!


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***Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept refunds. However, if you have any problems with your download, we’ll be happy to help rectify them.***