Everything You Need To Learn Punjabi

Everything You Need To Learn Punjabi

Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language mainly spoken in the Punjab region of South Asia. It is the official language of Punjab, India and is also considered an official regional language in Pakistan.

There are over 110 million native Punjabi speakers, making it one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world.

Punjabi is written using the Gurmukhi script, which was developed in the 16th century, and is a descendant of the Brahmi script. Writing is done from left to right.

For the number of native speakers, one would expect the Punjabi learning materials to be more plentiful than they are. While there are certainly enough resources to get you to a decent level, we do feel there should be more.

Punjabi Language Learning Books

Kick off your studies with a comprehensive Punjabi course/study book. These books are often the most effective in terms of getting you familiar with Punjabi grammar, structure etc. They’re also great for learning new vocabulary and building a solid foundation in Punjabi.

You’ll also want to add a good English-Punjabi dictionary and phrasebook to your language toolkit. These are indispensable in helping you learn new words, phrases and expressions you might come across while reading or listening to Punjabi. The phrasebook will also come in handy for when you’re traveling to a region where the language is spoken.

Punjabi Children’s Books

As a beginner, you’ll get a lot out of reading children’s books in Punjabi. They’re written using simple and straightforward grammar and vocabulary, making them very accessible. There are also plenty of pictures to help you better understand what you’re reading.

By reading Punjabi kids’ books, you’ll not only boost your vocabulary, but you’ll improve your overall Punjabi comprehension.

Punjabi Fiction

At some point you’ll want to progress onto more challenging reading material. That’s where Punjabi books for older readers come in. These are books that might be more difficult to read, but are no less rewarding.

By reading these types of books, you’ll gain a better grasp of the Punjabi language since you’ll be exposed to more complex language.

Punjabi Movies & TV Shows

A Punjabi language learning DVD/video, though designed for children, would make a fantastic addition to your list of Punjabi learning materials. These introduce you to basic but common Punjabi vocabulary, using animations and music to make the learning process fun and interactive.

Let's Learn Punjabi - An Animation DVD


Punjabi Digital Courses

There are a handful of comprehensive Punjabi digital courses out there that are aimed at getting you speaking quickly. These Punjabi e-courses use either audio or video lessons to build your speaking and listening skills, so that by the end of the course, you’ll be conversational in Punjabi.

Udemy’s Punjabi course is composed of 5 hours of video instruction, and comes at a very affordable price. You’ll be able to use the course on any smart device, and you get lifetime access to it and all future updates.

Pimsleur’s Conversational Punjabi course is audio-only, and comes packed with 8 hours of lessons, all of which can be downloaded and accessed on any device capable of audio output.


Punjabi Udemy


Pimsleur Punjabi Conversational Course - Level 1 Lessons 1-16 CD