Toki Pona Audio & Picture Dictionary App

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Are you ready to take your Toki Pona skills to the next level?

Introducing Language Hobo’s Toki Pona Audio & Picture Dictionary app! This revolutionary dictionary is full of helpful features that make it easier than ever to learn this unique language.

Featuring all 120 original “pu” words, this app is a must-have for anyone serious about learning the constructed language.

With the two-way search function, you’ll be able to search for words in both English and Toki Pona with ease.

Plus, we’ve included colorful pictures and audio recordings for each entry, so not only will you have a useful visual aid to help you remember each word, but you’ll also be able to hear how they’re pronounced.

But here’s where our product really shines: we’ve made it possible for YOU to add your own words/entries! Whether it’s new “ku” words or compound words, we believe in giving our users the freedom to personalize their experience. You can add as many words as you like to your dictionary, and delete them at any time.

What’s more, the Toki Pona Audio & Picture Dictionary is completely free and can be used offline. So download it today and begin your journey toward becoming a Toki Pona master!

A note before you go: the images you upload to the app are stored locally on your phone – no one else can see them! This app doesn’t store any of your data. Enjoy!