Everything You Need To Learn Romanian

Everything You Need To Learn Romanian

Romanian is a Romance language spoken by around 25 million people, mainly in Romania and Moldova. Romanian is also known as “Moldovan” in the Republic of Moldova where it is an official language alongside Ukrainian and Russian.

Romanian is a descendant of Latin, which is also the language from which many languages, like Italian and French, descend. Despite being a Romance language, there are some Slavic influences found in Romanian. This can be attributed to historical interactions between Romania and its neighbours.

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Resources for learning Romanian aren’t as plentiful as they are for some of the other Romance languages. While there are certainly enough resources to get you to a decent level, we feel there should be more.

Romanian Language Learning Books

The cheapest, most accessible way to learn the language is through Romanian course books. The best Romanian study books will give you the basics of the language in an organised fashion, introducing you to Romanian grammar concepts, language structure, sentence building etc., and even periodically test you as you progress.

A good English-Romanian dictionary and phrasebook is essential for any learner. While the dictionary will help you understand vocabulary words and their meanings, the phrasebook will help you learn common Romanian phrases and sentences to use while you’re abroad.

Romanian Children’s Books

Take your language skills to the next level by reading kids’ books in Romanian. You’ll not only gain a better vocabulary and an improved grasp of Romanian, but you’ll also read at a faster pace due to the simple and repetitive nature of children’s books.

Romanian Fiction

When you have some more advanced Romanian skills, move on to reading Romanian books written for adults/older readers. This will put your Romanian comprehension and vocabulary knowledge from the children’s books and courses to the test as you read through more complex texts. You’ll also see your working knowledge of Romanian improve considerably by the end.

Romanian Movies & TV Shows

One of the best and most entertaining ways to learn Romanian is by watching native speakers talk and interact with one another. That’s why Romanian-language movies/movies with Romanian dubbing are a great way to pick up aspects of the language that you wouldn’t necessarily encounter by studying or reading.

Romanian Digital Courses

If you’re not interested in starting your studies with book courses, there’s another option: Romanian e-courses. These types of courses use audio and/or video lessons that are focused on building your Romanian listening and speaking skills, and are less focused on teaching language theory.

Both Udemy’s Romanian course and Pimsleur’s Basic Romanian course are great, affordable choices for beginners. While Udemy’s Romanian course offers 4 hours of video lessons and plenty of downloadable worksheets, Pimsleur’s Romanian course is audio-only, offering 8 hours of audio lessons.


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