Everything You Need To Learn Serbian

Everything You Need To Learn Serbian

Serbian is a South Slavic language spoken by over 12 million people worldwide, mostly in Serbia. It’s also a co-official language of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Serbian descends from Old Slavic, the official language of the medieval states of South Slavs which evolved into modern Serbian. It is mutually intelligible with Croatian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin.

This is because all four languages were the same language when they were in the same country, Yugoslavia. Some linguists consider them dialects, not distinct languages.

Serbian uses both the Cyrillic and Latin scripts, with the latter being more widely used in Serbia.

Though resources for learning Serbian aren’t as abundant as in other languages, we do feel that there are more than enough to help you on your journey to fluency.

Serbian Language Learning Books

Get started by picking up a beginner’s Serbian course book. A good introduction to the language, they’ll teach you Serbian grammar, vocabulary, how to build sentences and so much more.

Textbooks for learning Serbian are great because they’re packed with exercises that test your knowledge and understanding of the lessons you just learned.

Consider getting yourself a Serbian phrasebook, which you can use while traveling to Serbian-speaking regions. With words and phrases that cover every day topics, you’ll be able to get around with confidence.

Serbian Children’s Books

Reading children’s books in Serbian is one of the best ways to boost your language skills. With illustrations and stories both entertaining and educational, you’ll pick up new vocabulary and get more comfortable with Serbian language structure in no time.

Check out these dual-language bilingual Serbian-English children’s books, a great way to start enjoying native material while still being able to look up words in the parallel English text.

Serbian Digital Courses

If you’ve just been using book courses to learn the language, at some point you should consider getting a Serbian e-course. These tend to use audio and/or video lessons to nurture your Serbian listening and speaking skills.

Udemy’s Serbian course for beginners offers 5 hours of video lessons and plenty of worksheets to complement your learning. The lessons focus on giving you all the tools you need to have basic conversations. You get lifetime access, access on any smart device, and you’ll join the active online group of learners also taking the class.


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Serbian Products

Enhance your learning with some Serbian alphabet flashcards. These are a fun and effective way to learn plenty of new, common Serbian words, and make it much easier to remember.

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