Everything You Need To Learn Sindhi

Everything You Need To Learn Sindhi

Sindhi (سنڌي) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in Sindh, Pakistan, and parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab provinces of India.

It is the official language of the province (and former princely state) of Sindh. It’s spoken by more than 30 million people, and is one of the 22 official languages in India.

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Sindhi is written in the Arabic script, with some modifications to accommodate phonological differences.

Resources for learning Sindhi are scarce, unfortunately. Thus, our list is a short one. However, we do believe that you can still achieve a good level of fluency with the products below, if you have the right amount of dedication.

Sindhi Language Learning Books

If you’re just starting out, consider grabbing a written Sindhi course book to introduce you to the language, and give you a strong foundation upon which to build. With a good Sindhi study book, you’ll learn things like Sindhi grammar, basic vocabulary, sentence structure and more.

An English-Sindhi dictionary will also be a valuable asset when you’re learning the language, as you’ll need a concise, reliable reference for not only looking up new words you come across, but for seeing examples of their multiple uses.

Sindhi Children’s Books

Where possible, read some children’s books in Sindhi, as these will familiarize you with the language in a way that study books can’t. The language in Sindhi kids’ books is easy-to-read and common, so you’ll be able to pick up new words whilst seeing how the language works in a natural format.

Sindhi Digital Courses

There’s also the option of learning the language with a Sindhi e-course. These types of courses are ideal for people who learn best with audio, as Sindhi digital courses tend to be composed of audio lessons.

This means that you’ll be mostly strengthening your Sindhi listening and speaking skills, which is perfect for those planning a trip to a Sindhi-speaking region in the near future.

EuroTalk Interactive’s TalkNow! Learn Sindhi course is one of the only digital courses available in the language. It focuses on teaching you essential Sindhi vocabulary and phrases, using audio and interactive lessons.


Talk Now! Sindhi [CD-ROM Course]

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