Everything You Need To Learn Slovenian

Everything You Need To Learn Slovenian

Slovenian is an Indo-European language spoken by some 2 million people, most of whom live in Slovenia. It’s classified as a part of the South Slavic subgroup of the Balto-Slavic branch of languages.

Slovenian descends from the Proto-Slavic language, and is closely related to Serbian and Croatian. The language was known as Slovene for many years, but it has since been renamed Slovenian.

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For the most part, Slovenian isn’t very well-known outside of Slovenia, and as such there aren’t many learners. This means that learning resources aren’t abundant. There is still enough, however, to get you to a good level in the language.

Slovenian Language Learning Books

As a starting point, you’ll want to get yourself a good Slovenian study/course book. This will give you an introduction to the basics of the language, including how sentences are structured and how Slovenian grammar works, as well as periodically test you as you progress.

You’ll also need an English-Slovenian dictionary to aid you on your journey to fluency. Not only will you have definitions to thousands of useful Slovenian words, you’ll see how said words work in different contexts.

Love puzzles? Then you’ll get a lot out of a Slovenian word search puzzle book. This is a fun way to add a hundreds of relevant Slovenian words to your vocabulary; and by learning them in this manner, you’re likely to retain them in your memory.

Slovenian Children’s Books

It might not be obvious to you, but you can also learn the language by reading children’s books in Slovenian. As a beginner, Slovenian kids’ books are great for adding new, common words to your vocabulary, as well as familiarizing you with the language’s structure.

What’s also good about the books on this list is that they’re bilingual English-Slovenian children’s stories, so you’ll have the English text to help you read and understand the Slovenian.

Slovenian Digital Courses

You could, of course, skip the books for the time being, and learn the language using Slovenian e-course. These courses are interactive, and usually composed of audio and/or video lessons designed to cultivate your listening and speaking skills.

Udemy’s Slovenian course offers 4 hours of video lessons, plus gives you lifetime access across any smart device, including TVs. This is perfect for beginners who want to reach a conversational level in Slovenian, and don’t want to spend too much money.

EuroTalk Interactive also has a Slovenian Vocabulary Builder CD-ROM course that should make adding plenty of new vocabulary a breeze.


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