Everything You Need To Learn Sundanese

Everything You Need To Learn Sundanese

Sundanese is an Austronesian language, mostly spoken in the western part of Java (Indonesia). With around 40 million speakers, it’s one of the major languages spoken on this island.

Sundanese is closely related to Javanese, Madurese and Malay, and there is some degree of mutual intelligibility with all of them.

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The language is written in both the Latin script and the Sundanese script (Aksara Sunda) which is a descendant of the Brahmi script.

Sadly, learning materials for Sundanese are almost nonexistent, despite the relatively vast number of speakers. Below is everything we could find in the language.

Sundanese Language Learning Books

With limited options for learning resources, one of the only ways to learn this language is with a Sundanese study course book. With this you’ll learn all the basics, such as Sundanese grammar, pronunciation, the writing system etc., giving you a solid foundation in the language.

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Sundanese Children’s Books

For a language with very few learning resources, acquiring reading material will be crucial to your studies. Reading children’s books in Sundanese will improve your vocabulary, as well as familiarize you with how the language is structured, and how sentences are formed.