Everything You Need To Learn Albanian

Everything You Need To Learn Albanian

Albanian (Shqip) is a beautiful language that’s spoken by over 5 million people, most of whom are found in Albania and Kosovo, though there are some small communities of speakers in neighboring countries like Macedonia, Montenegro and even Greece.

Unfortunately, Albanian isn’t a language that’s widely taught internationally, which means that there are very few resources to help international learners. However, it’s still possible to learn Albanian with a combination of the right tools and motivation.

In order to truly learn Albanian, or any language, for that matter, a variety of tools are required. That’s why we’ve put together this ever-growing list of Albanian resources to help you find everything you need to reach fluency in Albanian.

Albanian Language Learning Books

Albanian study books are always a good starting point for learning new languages, especially when you don’t have an expert teacher guiding you through the challenges of learning.

Even if you choose to start learning Albanian through audio courses, books are a helpful and important part of language learning. They’ll help you to learn about the Albanian grammar and sentence structure in a detailed way. Plus, a good Albanian dictionary will always come in handy.

Albanian Children’s Books

Once you start learning Albanian, you may find that children’s books are a great way to practice your new language skills and absorb the language in a fun, interactive way.

Not only will reading children’s books help you improve your vocabulary and grammar, but it’ll also give you insight into Albanian culture. Children’s books have been shown to be an effective way to learn any language, so why not give it a shot?

Albanian Fiction

Fiction written in Albanian is great for learners who need more complex material to read. Fiction often uses the language of day-to-day conversation, so it can be a great way to improve your fluency in Albanian.

Albanian Digital Courses

Digital courses in Albanian are perfect to learn the language when you need structure and guidance throughout the process.

You won’t find many Albanian digital courses to choose from, unfortunately, for the reasons mentioned above. Udemy does, however, offer at least one, which will give you a solid foundation in the language.


Afrikaans Udemy course


Pimsleur Albanian Compact Course


Free Albanian Worksheets

As with everything, practice makes perfect. We know how important it is for learners to be able to practice the Albanian skills they’ve picked up during their studies. That’s why we created some free downloadable Albanian worksheets that you can print out and complete at home.