Everything You Need To Learn Bulgarian

Everything You Need To Learn Bulgarian

Bulgarian is an Indo-European language, a member of the Slavic group, meaning that it has several features in common with other Slavic languages such as Russian and Polish.

It is the official language of Bulgaria, where it’s spoken by around 10 million people. There are also significant populations of native speakers in Serbia, Turkey, Canada, the USA and Ukraine.

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Bulgarian, for the most part, seems to be a popular among language learners, so luckily, there are plenty of widely available resources to assist you in your studies.

Our list features a range of products, not just books. That’s because in order to truly immerse yourself in the Bulgarian language and gain fluency, you’ll need a variety of different resources and tools.

Bulgarian Language Learning Books

Not sure where to start with Bulgarian? Then a beginner’s Bulgarian coursebook is the way to go. These types of books will give you a grounding in the language and provide you with all of the essentials, such as grammar rules and vocabulary.

Even if you’re more concerned with speaking quickly as opposed to focusing on grammar, you’ll still want a study book that breaks down and simplifies the Bulgarian language.

Likewise, a Bulgarian dictionary, phrasebook and grammar book will be of particular use to you, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student. Throughout your studies, you’ll constantly encounter and want to use new words, so a Bulgarian dictionary is a necessity.

Bulgarian uses the Cyrillic alphabet. This means you’ll need to learn how to read and write in this alphabet early on, if you ever wish to gain fluency. Consider grabbing yourself a Bulgarian alphabet writing practice book.

Bulgarian Children’s Books

As a learner, reading Bulgarian books written for children can be a great way to get used to the language and familiarise yourself with the lexicon.

This can not only help you learn new words, but it could provide you with a strong foundation of Bulgarian vocabulary that might prove difficult to gain from an adult book or coursebook.

The main benefit is that children’s books often include repetition and patterns, which makes it easier for you as an adult beginner to follow along and pick up relevant words.

Many of the Bulgarian books on this list are bilingual, containing both Bulgarian and English text. This means you can work your way through the book, reading a line in one language and then the other, without the need to use a dictionary.

Bulgarian Fiction

Just like children’s books, Bulgarian adult fiction written for native speakers can be a great way to familiarise yourself with the language and break out of beginner mode.

When you’ve advanced past children’s books, picking up a couple of novels written in Bulgarian should be your next step. This is because novels tend to be less repetitive and more complex than children’s books, so you’ll be able to challenge yourself as you read.

Bulgarian Movies, TV Shows & Music

Watching Bulgarian-language movies and/or TV shows is another great way to pick up colloquialisms, accents and sentence structure that native speakers use.

It’s also a great way to get accustomed to the sound of spoken Bulgarian, which can help you out when it comes to speaking yourself.

By immersing yourself this way, the likelihood that you retain the words you hear goes up, as you’re learning them in context and have visual cues to aid you.

Listening to Bulgarian music can also be a fun way to expose yourself to more Bulgarian words. Lyrics are usually composed of simple, everyday words, and accompanied with a melody, are an easy and memorable way to pick up new words.

Bulgarian Digital Courses

A Bulgarian language course is a tried and tested way to fast-track your language learning. Bulgarian digital courses generally involve using audio lessons designed to get you speaking and understanding spoken Bulgarian from the outset. They’re ideal for audiovisual learners.

Unlike text book courses, Bulgarian digital courses are hard to come by, and your choices are somewhat limited. There is, however, a Bulgarian Udemy course available, which is very affordable, easily acccessible from any device, and offers a variety of materials, including video instruction and worksheets.

These types of courses are great for those who like to work at their own pace whilst following a structure.


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Bulgarian Products

These are Bulgarian products that you might need during your language journey, all designed to make using the language easier. Bulgarian keyboard stickers are extremely handy for cheaply and easily transforming your regular keyboard into a Bulgarian one.