The Best Albanian TV Shows

The Best Albanian TV Shows

As a learner of Albanian, watching TV shows is a great way to familiarize yourself with the sound and flow of the language, as well as learn common words and phrases used in everyday life. Not to mention, it’s super enjoyable!

If you’re a TV buff, you’ll love discovering the wide range of Albanian-language TV shows that are available. You’ll also have a new appreciation for foreign-language entertainment that doesn’t follow the same, hackneyed plot lines that are so common in English-language TV.

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There’s something for everyone when it comes to Albanian TV, whether you enjoy comedy, drama, or reality TV. In this blog post, we’ll be talking about 9 of the best Albanian TV shows to date, as well as provide links for those who’d like to get started watching them.

Kafeneja Jonë

“Kafeneja Jonë” (also known as “Our Cafe”) is a popular Albanian TV show that satirically depicts the everyday lives of people in Kosovo. The show is set in a cafe, and follows a group of friends as they navigate through various comedic situations.

Although the show first aired over a decade ago, it remains popular today and continues to entertain viewers with its relatable and light-hearted content.

Since its debut in 2004, the show has aired 360 episodes and even spawned a 2017 return with 12 new episodes. If you’re looking for a fun and easy-to-watch Albanian TV show, “Kafeneja Jonë” is the perfect choice!

Watch it here!

Watch Kafeneja Jone 2017 here!


“Për’puthen” (“Match”) is an Albanian dating reality TV show that helps people find their significant other. The female contestants choose one of the male contestants each week to go on a date with and get to know better. The male contestants can accept or decline the invitation.

All the dates are pre-recorded and then aired in the studio, where the participants, host, and analyst discuss them.

With its engaging content and relatable scenarios, “Për’puthen” is a must-watch Albanian TV show! Whether you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to learn Albanian, or just want to watch some great TV, “Për’puthen” is a sure bet.

Watch it here!

Komuna e Parisit

“Komuna e Parisit” (“Paris Commune”) is an Albanian sitcom series that follows the lives of a group of young students living in the Komuna e Parisit neighborhood of Tirana.

Written by Erand Sojli, “Komuna e Parisit” is a groundbreaking Albanian TV show that brings an authentic Albanian reality to life in the sitcom format. The show follows six young people as they study, work, and navigate their social lives in the close-knit community.

The show deals with themes like friendship, love, and social issues, and features engaging characters and storylines. It’s a light-hearted and relatable comedy that’s perfect for anyone looking for an enjoyable way to learn Albanian.

Watch it here!

O sa Mirë

“O sa mirë” (“Oh, how good”) is an Albanian sitcom that follows the lives of students at the private university O sa mirë. Set in Albania, this TV show explores the cultural differences and stereotypes between different Albanian-speaking regions, as well as the amusing interactions that can take place between them.

Featuring drama, action, and comedy, “O sa mirë” is a must-watch Albanian comedy series that will delight anyone who’s not only looking for an entertaining way to learn the language, but to learn how different dialects sound.

Watch it here!

Apartamenti 2XL

“Apartamenti 2XL” is an Albanian improvisational comedy show that follows the lives of two main actors and a moderator. The actors have no script, and must improvise their dialogue based on suggestions provided by the moderator and other VIP guests.

With its fast-paced, unpredictable nature, Apartamenti 2XL is a bingeworthy show that will please anyone looking for a humorous way to learn Albanian.

Watch it here!


“Rrushe” (“Grapes”) is a gripping Kosovar drama/crime series that follows the story of Vesa, an investigative journalist who gets caught up in a dangerous and violent world.

The Pirulli family, who are the main protagonists of the show, seem like your average middle-class family from Prishtina. However, they have a dark past that comes back to haunt them.

Set against the backdrop of conflict and turmoil in Kosovo, “Rrushe” explores themes of love, family, and revenge. Featuring gripping plot twists and complex characters, this show is must-see TV!

Watch it here!

Çka ka Shpija

“Çka ka shpija” (“What leads”) is a Kosovar comedy series that follows the story of Jack, a rich businessman and head of a large family.

The show explores the comedic interactions between family members, bringing together some interesting characters that make for an entertaining viewing experience.

There’s Jack’s wife, Rabije, whom he was forced to marry, his four children – Hamdi, Andin, Republika and Hajrush, and his sister Argjenda, who lives with the family.

With its fast-paced dialogue and hilarious situations, “Çka ka shpija” should be on your must-watch list if you want some authentic Albanian-language comedy.

Watch it here!


Portokalli (“Orange”) is a sketch comedy and variety show filmed in Tirana in front of a live studio audience. There’s lots to love about this show, including the way it pokes fun at everyday problems and political figures in Albania.

Featuring stand-up comedy, sketches, and live music, this popular Albanian TV show is a pleasure to watch. And if you’re a fan of “Saturday Night Live” or shows in that vein then you’ll definitely enjoy Portokalli.

Watch it here!


“Egjeli” is a comedy series that follows the story of Axhës Sheqë, his wife Gjylë and his nephew Likit. Set in the village of Prishtina, the show explores the humorous interactions between these different characters, and features a combination of comedy and drama.

As one of Albania’s most popular TV shows, Egjeli has won the hearts of viewers with its engaging plot and likeable characters. If you’re a fan of comedy and drama, then be sure to give this one a shot!

Watch it here!

Turkish TV shows with Albanian subtitles

There are a plethora of Turkish TV shows with Albanian subtitles that air in Albania. The production value of these shows is excellent, and they usually feature gripping plot lines that make for addictive viewing.

Although they don’t have Albanian dubbing, you can still get a lot out of them, especially if you’re trying to improve your Albanian reading skills. (If you also intend to learn Turkish in the future, then consider yourself lucky – you can kill two birds with one stone!)

You can find many of these Turkish-language shows “me titra shqip” (“with Albanian subtitles”) on Albanian-language websites such as Klan Plus Live and Vizion Plus.

This is, of course, just a short list; we couldn’t possibly include all the great Albanian-language TV shows out there! Feel free to browse our Albanian online TV channels list for some more awesome entertainment.