Body Parts And Clothes In Basque: Learn Useful Vocabulary To Build Your Language Skills

Body Parts And Clothes In Basque: Learn Useful Vocabulary To Build Your Language Skills

You can’t become fluent in Basque if you don’t know the common words and phrases that are often used. That’s why most beginners start with basic, everyday vocabulary; these will be some of the easiest to remember because they’re most relevant to you!

Learning about the body (gorputz) is essential for any language learner. Not just the different parts of it but also the clothes (arropa) that we wear on them. After all, how else will you be able to communicate if something hurts, or describe an item of clothing you’re wearing?

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When it comes to Basque vocabulary, you’re probably already aware that most, if not all of it will be completely foreign, not resembling words you already know in English or any other language. This is because Basque is a language isolate; meaning it doesn’t share any linguistic roots with any other known language (read more about the origins of the Basque language).

Alas, this makes vocabulary learning a little more difficult at first, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. This article will introduce you to some of the most common words related to the body and clothing in Basque. We’ve split them into sections so that they’re easier to parse.

Head in Basque

Head in Basque

The head, with all of its many features, is a good place to start. None of them will look familiar, no matter how many languages you know, but we think you’ll have fun learning them all the same.

English Basque
Head Buru
Face Aurpegi
Hair Ile
Ear Belarri
Nose Sudur
Eyes Begiak
Forehead Bekoki
Mouth Aho
Chin Kokots
Jaw Baraila
Teeth Hortzak
Lips Ezpainak
Eyebrow Bekain
Eyelashes Betileak
Tongue Mihi
Cheek Masail

Upper body in Basque

Upper Body in Basque

Next, we’ll take a look at the upper body. This section contains all of the parts from the neck right down to the torso and everything in between.

English Basque
Neck Lepo
Chest Bular
Arm Beso
Back Bizkar
Hand Esku
Fingers Hatzak
Shoulder Sorbalda
Stomach Urdail
Throat Eztarri
Fingernail Azazkal
Elbow Ukondo
Wrist Eskumutur

Lower body in Basque

Lower Body in Basque

This section deals with many of the body parts located in the lower half of the human body.

English Basque
Leg Zanko
Knee Belaun
Ankle Orkatila
Foot Oin
Toes Behatzak
Thigh Izter
Heel Orpo

Inner body and organs in Basque

Internal Organs in Basque

This list would not be complete without some words related to the inner body and its organs. After all, these are just as important (if not more so) than the parts of the body that we can see from the outside!

English Basque
Skin Larruazal
Kidney Giltzurrun
Liver Gibel
Heart Bihotz
Brain Garun
Lung Birika
Blood Odol
Bones Hezurrak
Muscle Gihar

Clothes in Basque

Clothes in Basque

Finally, we’ll take a look at some of the most common items of clothing we wear on our bodies, including accessories.

English Basque
Hat Kapela
Gloves Eskularruak
Shirt Alkandora
Dress Soineko
Skirt Gona
Sweater/Jumper Jertse
Trousers/Pants Galtzak
Underwear Azpiko jantzi/arropa
Shorts Galtzamotzak
Shoes Oinetakoak
Boots Botak
Socks Galtzerdiak
Scarf Bufanda
Tie Gorbata
Earrings Belarritakoak
Coat Beroki
Jacket Jaka
Ring Eraztun
Necklace Lepoko
Bracelet Eskumuturreko
Glasses Betaurrekoak
Handbag/purse Poltsa

We did warn you that this list would be entirely foreign! But we hope that you’ve enjoyed learning some of the unique, beautiful words Basque is known for.

You’ll likely need to practice these words several times before you start to feel confident using them in conversation. A great way to do this is with flashcards, which you can make yourself, either physically or digitally.

And now that you know the basics of Basque body parts and clothes, test yourself with our free downloadable Basque worksheet, where you match the correct item of clothing to the correct body part.

Body parts and clothing in Basque COVER

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