Everything You Need To Learn Hawaiian

Everything You Need To Learn Hawaiian

Hawaiian is the official language of the state of Hawaii. It is a Polynesian language, and thus closely related to Tahitian, Marquesan, Māori and Samoan. It is also related to Rapa Nui (the language of Easter Island) and the aboriginal languages of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

With just 24,000 speakers, Hawaiian is considered an endangered language, and is a popular subject of study among linguists. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in preserving and revitalizing the Hawaiian language, which is why learning materials are becoming more readily available.

For anyone who’s interested in learning to speak Hawaiian, there are some great resources that can get you started in the language. We’ve listed the ones we think are most useful.

Hawaiian Language Learning Books

Books are generally a great way to learn any language, and learning Hawaiian is no exception. With a Hawaiian course book, you’ll learn how to read and write the language, study basic vocabulary and grammar rules, and practice your pronunciation.

If you’re serious about becoming fluent in this beautiful language, you’ll also need a concise Hawaiian dictionary close at hand. Much of your studies will involve adding lots of new Hawaiian words to your vocabulary, and you need a good dictionary that not only explains those words, but shows you how they’re used in different contexts.

A Hawaiian phrasebook might also be useful, especially for those planning a trip to Hawaii in the near future.

Hawaiian Children’s Books

Beginners to the language can get a lot out of reading Hawaiian books written for children. They’re simple and straightforward, and the language they use is very basic. That means you’ll learn key vocabulary and be able to read short sentences in no time.

Plus, Hawaiian kids’ books are often written with pictures accompanying the text, making the words you read more memorable.

The other bonus is that many of the Hawaiian children’s books on this list give readers a peek into the culture and mythology of Hawaii. It’s a great way to learn about traditional Hawaiian beliefs and values.

Hawaiian Fiction

Once you’ve had your fill of Hawaiian kids’ books, why not move on to some Hawaiian stories written for adults? The beauty of Hawaiian books for older readers is that they won’t only expose you to more complex vocabulary and concepts, but they’ll introduce you to the colloquialisms and turns of phrase that natives use.

Hawaiian Digital Courses

For a language like Hawaiian, for which there aren’t enough spoken examples, it’s best to supplement your learning with a Hawaiian e-course that focuses on audio instruction.

These are great for people who are concerned with speaking the language quickly, and don’t want to get bogged down in grammar study, something that often happens with book courses.

There aren’t many Hawaiian audio courses out there, but we were able to find at least one comprehensive Hawaiian digital course that we think is worth checking out.



Instant Immersion Hawaiian: 8-disc CD Course


Hawaiian Products

Books and digital courses aren’t the only ways to solidify your Hawaiian language skills. There are also some Hawaiian products that can help you learn the language, too.

A Hawaiian language map, for example, is a great way to pick up the most popular words in the language, and do so in a way that’s not boring.

HAWAIIAN: a language map®


Free Hawaiian Worksheets

We realized that there was a dearth of good Hawaiian worksheets out there, so we decided to create some. With a Hawaiian word search puzzle, you’ll be adding new words to your vocabulary in a fun way.