Everything You Need To Learn Jamaican Patois

Everything You Need To Learn Jamaican Patois

Jamaican Patois, or Jamaican Creole, is a dialect of English that’s spoken by around 3 million people in Jamaica and the diaspora. Though it is not an official language, Jamaican Patois is regarded as an important part of Jamaica’s cultural heritage.

Aside from English, on which it is based, Jamaican Patois also has influences from West African languages like Igbo, as well as other European languages like German.

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Reggae and dancehall music, as well as proverbs and idioms, are just some of the ways Jamaican Patois has entered into popular culture.

As you might expect from a creole language that’s not considered a real language (this is, of course, disputed by the many people who use it), resources for learning Jamaican Patois are scarce. We’ve put together a list of everything we could find, and hope this is enough to get you speaking and understanding this interesting language.

Jamaican Patois Language Learning Books

A good Jamaican Patois course book is a great start for any beginner. It’ll teach you the basics of Jamaican Patois grammar, and introduce you to some key Jamaican Patois phrases that are used by natives.

Jamaican Patois Children’s Books

Reading children’s books written in Jamaican Patois is a fun, simple way to experience how the language functions. You’ll learn how sentences are built, and see the unique grammar in action.

Other Jamaican Patois Books

When it’s time to move on from kids’ books, reading Jamaican Patois books written for adults are where you’ll really begin to gain an understanding of how the language works.

With Jamaican fiction/non-fiction, you’ll learn plenty of new idioms, turns of phrase, and colorful colloquialisms, giving you a very real sense of how people speak in Jamaican Patois.

The New Testament in Jamaican Patois can make reading the bible so much more exciting and entertaining (don’t just take our word for it).

Jamaican Patois Digital Courses

A Jamaican Patois e-course that’s audio and/or video based is great for developing your listening and speaking skills. These are designed to get you actually communicating in the language from day one, and are less focused on bogging you down with grammar and language theory.

Udemy offers an affordable Jamaican Patois course that comes packed with 2.5 hours of video instruction, downloadable worksheets, and even practice tests. Plus your purchase includes lifetime access to all future updates, and the ability to use your new course on any device, on or offline.


Udemy Jamaican Patois

Jamaican Patois Products

It’s always a good idea to mix things up when it comes to learning. With Jamaican products, you can often combine language learning with fun, which in turn could make it easier to retain knowledge.

Why not pick up a pack of Jamaican Patois flash cards? Great for memorizing vocabulary and building a strong mental library, Jamaican Patois flash cards are the perfect addition to your language learning toolbox.

Darlyng & Co.'s Modern Jamaican Patois Alphabet Flash Cards for Kids

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