Everything You Need To Learn Kannada

Everything You Need To Learn Kannada

Kannada is an official language in India, spoken in the south Indian state of Karnataka. It’s one of the four classical languages of India and is also one of the oldest Dravidian languages.

Today, there are about 50 million people in India who speak Kannada as a first or second language, and is the 8th most spoken language in India.

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Due to them having descended from the same Dravidian ancestor language, Kannada and Tamil are closely related. While they’re not entirely mutually intelligible, speakers of each language have access to a good portion of the other’s vocabulary, thus providing a “language discount” to learners of either.

Kannada is written from left to right using the Kannada alphabet, which is a descendent of the Brahmi script, the same script from which most Indian alphabets are descended.

The sad news is that while there are a fair number of Kannada speakers, learning materials available outside of India are scarce. We have found some, however, and we believe there’s enough here to give you a good footing in the language.

Kannada Language Learning Books

A Kannada course book or study guide will be your best bet to learn the language thoroughly, while gradually building up a comprehensive base of Kannada vocabulary. With a good, solid Kannada written course, you’ll be able to learn basic concepts like sentence structure and grammar, as well as key vocabulary.

Writing in the Kannada script can be daunting for English speakers unfamiliar with non-Latin alphabets. That’s why we recommend grabbing a Kannada alphabet tracing book to practice writing.

Kannada Children’s Books

One of the best ways to improve your Kannada reading comprehension without overwhelming yourself is to read Kannada-language books for children.

Beginners will love Kannada kids’ books, especially at the start of their language journey, as they’re written with simple sentences and vocabulary, plus they have cute pictures that help you remember words.

Kannada Digital Courses

A Kannada e-course that’s taught using audio and/or video is ideal for those who learn best with audiovisual material and want to focus on communicating quickly.

These Kannada audio/video courses will introduce you to grammar concepts in a smooth, unintimidating way that’s both natural and memorable.

Udemy’s Kannada course offers 2 hours of video instruction, and comes with lifetime access to future updates. You can also access the course on almost any device, even a smart TV, and you can use it on or offline.


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