Which Language Should I Learn In 2024: QUIZ

Which Language Should I Learn In 2024: QUIZ

Choosing which language to learn is often a daunting task. That’s why we created this quiz!

This engaging and intuitive tool is designed to help you navigate through the vast spectrum of world languages and guide you towards the one that best suits your personality, interests, and goals.

The quiz consists of 12 carefully designed questions that will take only a few minutes of your time.

So, are you ready to embark on a fascinating linguistic journey and discover which language is waiting to be mastered by you? Let’s get started!

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What's your primary motivation for learning a new language?

2 / 12

How much time can you dedicate to learning a new language each week?

3 / 12

How easy do you find learning new languages?

4 / 12

What kind of language structure do you prefer?

5 / 12

Do you already know another language apart from your native one?

6 / 12

What kind of writing system do you feel comfortable with?

7 / 12

Which area of the world interests you most?

8 / 12

How do you feel about learning a new script (like Arabic script or Chinese characters)?

9 / 12

How important is it for you to learn a language spoken by a large number of people?

10 / 12

How do you prefer to learn a new language?

11 / 12

What's your comfort level with learning new sounds and pronunciations?

12 / 12

What kind of vocabulary do you prefer?