Everything You Need To Learn Latvian

Everything You Need To Learn Latvian

Latvian is a Baltic language spoken by about 2 million people in Latvia and a couple hundred thousand abroad. It’s an official language of the European Union, as well as a recognized minority language in Lithuania.

Latvian is related to Lithuanian, another Baltic language, though the languages are not mutually intelligible. The two languages are part of the Baltic branch within the Indo-European family, and Latvians and Lithuanians speak a language descending from the same ancestral Proto-Slavic tongue.

If you’re interested in learning Latvian, your options are, unfortunately, limited. The language doesn’t seem to be as popular among learners as some other European languages.

That said, there should still be enough learning materials to get you to a decent level in Latvian.

Latvian Language Learning Books

You can’t go wrong with a good, solid Latvian course book as your first foray into the language. A Latvian study book will introduce you to the types of grammar concepts and language rules that govern modern Latvian. You can use it to learn basic sentence structure and common vocabulary, thereby setting a good foundation in the language.

A concise Latvian-English dictionary and phrasebook will complement your studies, giving you immediate access to relevant words and phrases while helping clarify meanings.

Latvian Children’s Books

Latvian kids’ books are the perfect place for beginners to strengthen their fledgling Latvian skills, as they tend to use simple language and vocabulary. You’ll be able to see how the language operates when used in a natural, native context, without getting overwhelmed by complex words and language structure.

Latvian Digital Courses

Not a big fan of learning languages through books? Then a Latvian e-course composed of audio and/or video lessons could be just what you need.

These types of courses are more often than not focused on improving your speaking and listening skills, making them perfect for anyone who has an immediate need to communicate with Latvian natives.

Udemy offers an affordable, comprehensive beginner’s Latvian course that’s packed with 8.5 hours of video lessons, and even comes with 2 practice tests. What’s more, you get lifetime access to the course, plus the ability to use it on any device.


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