Everything You Need To Learn Lithuanian

Everything You Need To Learn Lithuanian

Lithuanian (Lietuvių kalba) is a Baltic language that’s spoken by about 3 million people in Lithuania, where it’s the official language.

Lithuanian is related to Latvian, another Baltic language spoken in Latvia. The two languages are part of the Baltic branch within the Indo-European language family. Although the two languages are similar, they aren’t mutually intelligible.

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Like its sister language Latvian, learning resources for Lithuanian are limited. That said, there are more than enough materials to help you attain at least a conversational level in Lithuanian.

Lithuanian Language Learning Books

When starting out, you’ll need a good Lithuanian study book to introduce you to the types of grammar concepts and language rules that govern modern Lithuanian. You can use it for acquiring basic sentence structure and common vocabulary, which will serve as a good foundation for your studies.

Your collection wouldn’t be complete without a good Lithuanian-English dictionary. A concise Lithuanian dictionary is essential for not just looking up new words, but seeing examples of how they’re used in different contexts.

If you like word puzzles, then picking up a Lithuanian word search puzzle book would be an awesome way to increase your vocabulary while having fun.

Lithuanian Children’s Books

Getting your hands on some Lithuanian kids’ books is a good idea for any beginner serious about gaining fluency. The simple stories and vocabulary will expose you to how Lithuanian is used in a natural, native context without overwhelming you with complex words and structures.

Lithuanian books written for children are also packed with fun illustrations, which is great for visual learners.

Lithuanian Digital Courses

Learning Lithuanian through digital courses is another good route to take. These types of audio and/or video courses are often focused on building your speaking and listening skills, which will be invaluable when you need to use the language in practice.

Udemy and Pimsleur offer Lithuanian courses, the former using video lessons, and the latter using audio. Both have their own benefits, so it’s worth looking into both to see which works best for your specific learning needs.

Whichever one you choose, you’ll be able to access them on or offline, work at your own pace, and use them on most smart devices.


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