Everything You Need To Learn Mongolian

Everything You Need To Learn Mongolian

Mongolian (Монгол улсын Улс) is the official language of Mongolia, a landlocked country in East Asia, where it’s spoken by around 5 million people. The language belongs to the Mongol branch of the Altaic family, which also includes Turkish, Korean, and Japanese.

Mongolian is written using the Cyrillic alphabet, which was adopted in the 1940’s after Communism took over the country. Before that, the language was written using the Mongolian script.

Resources for learning Mongolian are scarce, so you’ll find our list to be small. However, we do still feel that, with determination, you can reach a decent level in the language.

Mongolian Language Learning Books

The best place to start learning the language is with one of the available Mongolian course/study books on the market. You’ll get all the basics, building blocks, and resources you need to get started speaking and creating simple sentences in Mongolian.

Books like these are great for strengthening your grammar knowledge, and familiarizing you with typical sentence patterns in Mongolian. They usually offer plenty of exercises to test what you’ve learned as you progress.

For quick communication, consider picking up an English-Mongolian dictionary and phrasebook. These are invaluable when you’re in a pinch and need to translate something fast.

Mongolian Children’s Books

Reading children’s books in the Mongolian language is a great way for beginners to build their vocabulary and reading comprehension in a stress-free way.

The language used in Mongolian kids’ books is easy-to-read and accompanied by helpful illustrations to aid in memorizing.

Other Mongolian Books

Once you feel confident enough to move on to more challenging reading material, consider getting yourself some Mongolian books written for older/adult readers. Here is where you’ll receive the biggest boost in vocabulary and your general command of the language.

Mongolian Digital Courses

Books will only take you so far. That’s why we recommend picking up a digital course that includes audio instruction, in order to perfect your Mongolian pronunciation. Udemy offers a video course aimed at getting you to speak the language.


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