Everything You Need To Learn Marathi

Everything You Need To Learn Marathi

Marathi (मराठी, also Mahārāṣhī) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in India. It is the official language of Maharashtra and Goa states, as well as one of 22 co-official languages of India.

There are approximately 80 million speakers of Marathi, making it the third most spoken language in India.

In terms of linguistic similarities, Marathi is most closely related to Hindi, though they’re not mutually intelligible. Both languages use the Devanagari script in writing.

Despite the relatively large number of speakers, there aren’t nearly as many Marathi learning materials out there compared to other Indian languages. There are some, however, which we’ve included below.

Marathi Language Learning Books

If you’re someone who learns best by reading, your introduction to Marathi should come from a Marathi course/study book. A good one will introduce you to grammar, give you exposure to the alphabet and teach you some basic vocabulary, thereby setting a solid foundation on which to expand.

Another good addition to your library will be an English-Marathi dictionary & phrasebook, which will help you more accurately express yourself and use Marathi more effectively.

Marathi Children’s Books

Practicing your new skills is important, and a great way to do that is by reading children’s books in Marathi. These tend to be lighter and easier to read, with short sentences, making them perfect for beginners.

You’ll learn new vocabulary, familiarize yourself with the language’s structure, and improve your Marathi reading comprehension.

Marathi Fiction

At some point, you’ll progress past the beginner stage and be ready to read texts more suitable for intermediate learners. Marathi books for adults/older readers works perfectly here.

Reading Marathi adult fiction exposes you to more advanced language and concepts, giving your overall Marathi skills a considerable boost.

Marathi Digital Courses

If reading isn’t your thing but you still want to learn the language, consider getting a Marathi e-course. These usually come in the form of audio or video instruction, and are aimed at building your Marathi speaking and listening skills, whilst introducing you to grammar and structure in a more organic way.

Udemy offers an affordable Marathi course that includes 6 hours of video lessons, and a handful of downloadable worksheets to complement your studies. What’s great about Udemy’s language courses is that you get lifetime access and can use them on almost any device.


Marathi Udemy

Marathi Products

Gaining fluency in Marathi requires use of many different resources. It also doesn’t hurt to mix things up once in a while, to keep things interesting.

Using Marathi flash cards is a great, effective way to test your knowledge of new vocabulary, while also drilling it into your long-term memory.