Everything You Need To Learn Tagalog

Everything You Need To Learn Tagalog

Tagalog, also known as Filipino, is an Austronesian language spoken by about 50 million people. It is the official language of the Philippines, and is the fifth most spoken language in the USA.

Tagalog is related to Malay and Indonesian, and due to Spain’s 333-year control of the Philippines, several Spanish words have been absorbed into Tagalog.

Though resources for learning Tagalog aren’t as abundant as one might expect for a language that’s so widely spoken, especially in the States, there’s more than enough available for anyone who’s dedicated.

Tagalog Language Learning Books

As a beginner, you can’t go wrong with a Tagalog course/study book. This will give you a great introduction to the language, getting you comfortable with Tagalog/Filipino grammar, structure, and providing you with a good base vocabulary to build upon.

An English-Tagalog dictionary should be on your list of essentials, as well. A concise Tagalog dictionary will give you the meanings of thousands of the most important words in the language, plus provide example sentences of their usage.

Consider getting a Tagalog phrasebook if you intend to travel to the Philppines soon. They typically come jam-packed with basic pronunciation guides and translations of the most common phrases & questions used in everyday conversations.

Tagalog Children’s Books

Aside from study books, you can also learn plenty of useful Tagalog words by reading children’s books in Tagalog. They’re perfect for beginners, as Tagalog kids’ books are normally written with very simple language. They’re also full of colorful illustrations designed to make remembering what you read even easier.

Tagalog Movies & TV Shows

If you’ve got the patience, watching Tagalog-language movies is an entertaining way of immersing yourself in the language. Adding the Filipino subtitles will also help your reading speed and comprehension without you even noticing it.

You’ll also learn proper Tagalog pronunciation, as well as things like Tagalog slang, idioms, and phrases, things you won’t necessarily find in textbooks.

Tagalog Digital Courses

Not interested in studying the language using books? Then a Tagalog e-course might be your best bet. These usually come in the form of audio or video lessons, and put slightly more emphasis on nurturing your Tagalog speaking and listening skills.

Udemy is one of the only places to offer reputable digital courses in the language. Udemy’s Complete Filipino Course is comprehensive, made up of a whopping 13.5 hours of video lessons, and grants you full lifetime access, all for the price of a pizza.

You can use it on any smart device, and you’ll have access to the learner’s forum, where you can connect with others also taking the course.


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Tagalog Products

Your studies don’t have to be limited to books and courses. Tagalog flash cards, for instance, are an effective way of practicing the vocabulary you’ve learned, or learning new, common words. Check out the ones below, which also come with audio.