Everything You Need To Learn Tajik

Everything You Need To Learn Tajik

Tajik is an Iranian language spoken in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. It is mutually intelligible with Dari, also known as Afghan Persian. It’s part of the Indo-Iranian branch of languages. Other related languages in this family include Farsi, Kurdish, Pashto, and Avestan.

With about 7 million speakers worldwide, Tajik is the official state language of Tajikistan, where it’s recognized as the official literary and business language. It’s written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

If you’re thinking of learning the language, you won’t find many resources to help you, unfortunately. We’ve gathered together everything we could find, and hope you’ll find them useful.

Tajik Language Learning Books

With limited options for learning the language, your best bet is to grab a comprehensive Tajik course/study book. You’ll get a thorough introduction to the language, and learn things like Tajik grammar, how the language is structured, and how to write it.

An English-Tajik dictionary is also a necessity for anyone serious about learning Tajik. Without the ability to look up words, you’ll find it difficult to learn much at all.

Tajik Children’s Books

For strenghtening your skills, building your vocabulary, and boosting your reading comprehension, you should read some children’s books in Tajik. As they’re written in easy-to-read language, they’re perfect for beginners.

You’ll pick up lots of practical words and familiarize yourself with how the language looks and works.