The Best Tagalog Classes in London

The Best Tagalog Classes In London

Finding face-to-face, in-person Tagalog/Filipino courses in London is, though not impossible, close to it!

Although roughly 50 million people speak Tagalog across the globe, and the Philippines has become an increasingly important player in global trade, the language has yet to become popular.

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However, we were able to find 1 organisation that offers Tagalog language lessons in London, at the beginner level. In addition, we’ve included a couple of awesome online/digital Tagalog courses that you might want to consider if you’re on a tight budget.

There are roughly 200,000 Filipinos living in the UK, 70% (140,000) of whom reside in London, particularly in the Earls Court area, plus plenty of Filipino supermarkets and restaurants dotted around the the UK’s capital. This means that you won’t have to look very far to find someone with whom to practice your new Tagalog skills.

Why not pick up one of these before you start? 

Tagalog Picture Dictionary: Learn 1500 Tagalog Words (Includes Online Audio)

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Tagalog Lessons London 1

1. SOAS University of London

SOAS University of London offers online Tagalog/Filipino courses that teach not only grammar and vocabulary, but also language usage as well as culture and society.

The course is a comprehensive introduction to Tagalog for beginners, covering grammar and vocabulary through the 4 key skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

You’ll learn how to correctly pronounce, read and write the language, as well as learn about the culture and society where the language is spoken.

You’ll start speaking from the start, and will be expected to take part in regular group exercises in class. Plus, your tutor will give you regular feedback on your progress.

There are 3 levels to the Beginners Program: Filipino Beginners 1, 2 and 3. You take the courses in order to progress to the next ones.

As you progress through the courses, you’ll gain the confidence and vocabulary to discuss and understand more complex topics.


£299 per term


Beginners (A1 – A2)


10 weeks per term (20 hours)



Online Tagalog Courses with Udemy

For individuals on a budget, or those who want to study when they choose, the Udemy platform provides great alternatives to in-person courses. Course costs are very affordable, and Udemy frequently offers discounts.

We recommend:

Tagalog Udemy Course 1

Complete Filipino Course: Learn Filipino for Beginners

Personalize your Filipino learning experience with the Complete Filipino Course: Learn Filipino for Beginners.

With 13.5 hours of on-demand video instruction available anytime, anywhere on mobile, tablet, laptop and TV, you’ll be able to study on your own schedule from anywhere in the world.

You’ll gain a robust vocabulary of the 300+ most useful Tagalog words, and you’ll learn popular phrases to use in everyday situations.

Not only will you learn how to read and write, you’ll learn proper Tagalog pronunciation as well.

Basic grammar is taught through simple, practical example sentences that will help you to start speaking correct Tagalog from day one.

This course is for: anyone who is interested in starting to learn Tagalog or brushing up on the basics of this language; anyone who wants to strengthen their conversational skills in Filipino for travel etc.; anyone looking for an affordable and accessible way to learn Tagalog without having to leave home.

With this Udemy course, you’ll get full, lifetime access to all course material and all updates, plus a certificate of completion.


£9.99 – £19.99


Beginner, Intermediate

Tagalog Udemy Course 2

The New Approach to Learn Filipino/Tagalog Step-by-Step

The New Approach to Learn Filipino/Tagalog Step-by-Step course offered on Udemy is a great option for beginners wanting to learn Tagalog.

You’ll learn everything from basic vocabulary all the way up to commonly used expressions, grammar rules, verb conjugations, and even information about the Filipino culture!

As you work your way through over 4 hours of video instruction and 40 downloadable worksheets, you’ll build a good foundation in Tagalog, and learn how to communicate with natives.

The course and associated materials are accessible from anywhere at anytime without having internet connection, as everything is downloadable on your phone, tablet, computer or TV.

Lifetime access means you pay just once and get updates forever. Plus you’ll receive a certificate of completion once you’re done.


£10.99 – £39.99