Everything You Need To Learn Tatar

Everything You Need To Learn Tatar

Tatar is a Turkic language spoken by the Tatar people, who mainly inhabit Russia. There are about 5 million speakers worldwide. It’s the official language of Tatarstan, an autonomous republic in Russia.

There are two types of of Tatar: Crimean and Kazan. Crimean Tatar is mutually intelligible with Turkish and Azeri, while Kazan Tatar is a lot harder to understand for Turkish speakers.

Tatar is written in two scripts: Cyrillic and Arabic.

There’s not much in the way of Tatar language learning resources, unfortunately. Below is everything we could find; we hope they’ll be useful to you.

Tatar Language Learning Books

Currently, your only option for learning the language is with a comprehensive Tatar course/study book. It’ll introduce you to the language, give you an idea of how it works, and teach you things like grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

A Russian-Tatar dictionary and phrasebook is also a great addition to collection. You’ll really appreciate having it when you run into trouble with some of the more difficult aspects of the language.

Tatar Children’s Books

For beginners, one of the best ways to increase your vocabulary, solidify your language skills, and boost your reading comprehension is by reading children’s books in Tatar.

They’re written in easy-to-read language and short sentences, making them perfect for new learners.