Everything You Need To Learn Turkmen

Everything You Need To Learn Turkmen

Turkmen is a Turkic language spoken by about 6 million people in the countries of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. It’s closely related to Turkish and Azerbaijani, and considered to be mutually intelligible with them.

The language is part of the Altaic language family, and is written using three different writing systems, depending on where in the world the language is used. In Turkmenistan, a modified version of the Latin alphabet is used; in Iran, the Arabic script is used; and, in Afghanistan, both the Arabic and Cyrillic scripts are used.

If you’re thinking of learning Turkmen, you won’t find many resources available, unfortunately. Below is a list of all the learning materials we could find; we hope they’ll be of use to you.

Turkmen Language Learning Books

With no Turkmen course/study books with which to learn the language, you’re only left with a Turkmen dictionary and phrasebook. All is not lost, as you can still pick up plenty of the language by reading this type of book. You’ll learn the essential words and phrases needed to navigate through regions where Turkmen is spoken.

Turkmen Children’s Books

A great way of learning a language is by reading; and reading children’s books in Turkmen in particular is ideal for beginners looking to nurture their skills. Not only are these books designed to be easy-to-read, they’re also filled with memorable images that help you retain what you’ve read/learned.