Everything You Need To Learn Turkish

Everything You Need To Learn Turkish

Turkish is a language spoken by over 75 million people. It’s the official language of Turkey and Cyprus, and is widely spoken in Northern and Eastern Europe. There are also many Turkish speakers in Germany, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

Turkish belongs to the Turkic family of languages, which is part of the Ural-Altaic language group. It’s closely related to Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkmen and Uzbek, and is considered to be mutually intelligible with Azerbaijani (Azeri).

The language is written using the Latin alphabet, which replaced the Arabic script in 1928.

Turkish is a popular language to learn, hence why there are plenty of resources available to help you. We’ve put together a short list with those we believe are most useful.

Turkish Language Learning Books

A great place to start learning is with a beginner’s Turkish course or study book. These books cover all the basics, introducing you to things like Turkish grammar concepts, sentence structure, and common, everyday vocabulary, thereby arming you with the tools you need to gain fluency.

Another important book to add to your learning library is a concise Turkish dictionary. This will help you express yourself more liberally, and gain a greater understanding of how to use the new words you encounter in different contexts.

You might also want to pick up a Turkish phrasebook if you’re planning on visiting Turkey some time in the near future. This will help you navigate the country and communicate with native speakers.

Turkish Children’s Books

There are plenty of children’s books in Turkish that beginners can read in order to get comfortable with the language in its natural context, as well as learn a bunch of new words.

Turkish kids’ books are written in easy-to-read language, short sentences, and are filled with fun images designed to make stories more memorable. This makes them perfect for new readers.

Turkish Fiction

Eventually, you’ll want to move on from simple children’s books and dive into some more advanced reading material. This is where Turkish-language fiction/Turkish books for older readers comes in.

These books are written in more complex language, with longer sentences and more advanced vocabulary. You’ll expand your vocabulary and knowledge of the language tremendously by reading in Turkish daily.

Turkish Movies & TV Shows

One of the best ways to learn the language as it’s used by natives is by watching movies and TV shows with Turkish dubbing or audio.

Turkish-language movies and TV shows are filled with common expressions, Turkish slang terms, and other colloquialisms. You’ll gain a better understanding of native speech patterns, sentence structure and pronunciation by watching Turkish entertainment.

Hanna (Gyilkos Termeszet) : Hungarian, Czech, Turkish, and Polish Audio and Subtitles


Takva: A Man's Fear Of God : Original Turkish Movie [DVD]


Turkish Digital Courses

No time for book-study but still want to learn the language? Then get yourself a Turkish e-course. Turkish digital courses come in the form of audio or video lessons, and put greater emphasis on building your listening and speaking skills. Though you will be taught grammar etc., this is done in a more organic way.

Udemy offers a complete, comprehensive Turkish course that’s composed of a whopping 18 hours of video lessons. It also comes with full lifetime access and availability on any smart device, even TVs. This is one of the best, most affordable options available to beginners.

For audio-only Turkish courses, look no further than Pimsleur’s Basic and Conversational Turkish audio courses. They offer hours of audio lessons aimed at getting you comfortable enough to have full conversations with natives, all without you ever having to pick up a book or pen.



Pimsleur Conversational Turkish: Complete Course for Beginners


Pimsleur Basic Turkish: Complete Audio Course for Beginners


Free Turkish Worksheets

Testing your Turkish knowledge has never been easier with our free Turkish word search puzzle PDF. You’ll pick up new vocabulary while having fun doing the puzzle. Download it free and print it out at home.

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