Everything You Need To Learn Uzbek

Everything You Need To Learn Uzbek

Uzbek is a Turkic language that is the official language of Uzbekistan. It’s also spoken in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. There are around 34 million speakers.

Uzbek is mutually intelligible with Uyghur, and somehwhat mutually intelligible with other Turkic languages like Turkish and Azerbaijani, with which it shares up to 60% of its vocabulary. The language is written using a Latin-based alphabet.

Sadly, there aren’t as many learning materials available for those wanting to learn Uzbek. We’ve compiled a list below, and hope you’ll find it useful.

Uzbek Language Learning Books

A good place to start for beginners is with an Uzbek course/study book. This will teach you common vocabulary, the major aspects of Uzbek grammar, and how to structure sentences.

Consider getting yourself an Uzbek-English dictionary and phrasebook, to help you with everyday language, travel situations and communicating with locals.

Uzbek Children’s Books

When reading children’s books in Uzbek, you’ll not only learn a bunch of new vocabulary, but also experience the language in its natural context. This will give you an insight into how Uzbek works and looks from a native perspective.

Uzbek kids’ books are written in language that’s easy-to-read, fun, and filled with colorful illustrations that will help you remember what you read and learn.

Uzbek Digital Courses

Another way to learn the language is with an Uzbek e-course. With one of these, teaching comes in the form of audio or video lessons that place a little more emphasis on boosting your listening and speaking skills, while introducing you to grammar in an organic way.

Udemy is one of the only places to offer a digital Uzbek course. For the price of a pizza, you get 3 hours of video lessons, a handful of downloadable worksheets, and full lifetime access to the course and future updates.


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