The Best YouTube Channels For Learning Albanian

The Best YouTube Channels For Learning Albanian

As a language learner, you’re probably always on the lookout for new, interesting and affordable resources to help you on your journey. YouTube is a great resource for language learners, because there are so many native speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise, and best of all, it’s free!

When it comes to learning Albanian, YouTube is a great place to start. There are many channels dedicated to teaching Albanian, and they’re all run by native speakers. This means that you’ll be able to learn the language from people who know it best.

Albanian Udemy course

We’ve put together a list of the top 8 YouTube channels that we think people wanting to learn Albanian will find most useful. Each channel has its own teaching style and approach, so it’s a good idea to check out a few different ones to see which one works best for you.

8 Best Albanian YouTube Channels for Language Learners

LISA Learning

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If you’re looking to learn Albanian, the LISA Learning channel is a great place to start. With just 12 lessons in total, this channel provides short, easy-to-follow videos that will teach you the basics of the language using animations.

Lessons are between 1 and 8 minutes long, and cover topics such as the Albanian alphabet, numbers, and greetings. In addition to teaching Vocabulary, LISA Learning also breaks down Albanian grammar so you can better understand the language.

Start with their 8-part “Learning Albanian” short course, and you’ll be well on your way to speaking Albanian in no time!

Learn Online

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Learn Online is a YouTube channel that offers 24 videos to help you learn Albanian. Most of the videos are short, ranging from 1-3 minutes in length, and focus on teaching vocabulary only – no grammar lessons.

The videos are well made, using pictures, audio and pleasant background music to help you learn common, everyday words such as fruits, pronouns and more.

The creator hasn’t published anything new in 6 years, but the existing content is still helpful.

Learn Albanian with Viola

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If you’re trying to learn to speak Albanian, the Learn Albanian with Viola channel could be just what you need. With dozens of lessons available, this channel covers everything from common vocabulary words to phrases and grammar.

Most lessons don’t have pictures, rather the words and phrases are written on the screen in English and Albanian, with Viola speaking directly to the viewer.

Lessons range in length from 2 – 12 minutes, with the average being around 5 minutes long. Viola also teaches in Italian, making her a great resource for both English and Italian speakers.

This is our favorite channel on the list, as it’s easy to follow, has lots of relevant and useful information, and the creator is pleasant to listen to.

Smart Albanian with Jonis

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Smart Albanian with Jonis is a YouTube channel that consists of 51 audio-only lessons to help you learn Albanian. The lessons are between 2 and 13 minutes long, with the average being around 6 minutes.

What sets this channel apart from the others on the list is its unique teaching method. Jonis teaches you how to build simple sentences in an easy way, using a building block approach. This makes the lessons interactive and easy to follow.

In our opinion, this is the most structured Albanian course on YouTube, as each lesson builds upon what was learned in the previous lessons. This makes it perfect for those who want a step-by-step approach to learning the language.

Learn Shqip

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The Learn Shqip channel offers 16 videos that teach common Albanian vocabulary and phrases. The video lessons are short, ranging from 2-5 minutes long, and are full of colorful cartoon images.

The music on the channel is a bit loud and somewhat distracting, but overall it’s a fun and easy way to learn Albanian. The lessons cover a variety of topics, including body parts, useful Albanian expressions, and more.

The channel is relatively new, and the creator is still actively posting new videos, so it’s a good idea to subscribe to stay up-to-date on new content.

Learn Albanian Online

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive and detailed course on learning Albanian, then the Learn Albanian Online channel is perfect for you.

With over 140 lessons available, and more added regularly, this channel covers basic vocabulary, grammar, and everything in between. The lessons are thorough, with many of them lasting over an hour.

You’ll also appreciate the different teaching method used on this channel. Rather than just having a traditional video lesson, the Learn Albanian Online channel uses recordings of the company’s live courses, where students learn over Zoom. This makes it feel like you’re a part of the class, and allows you to follow along easily.

In addition to the live course recordings, there are also shorter training lessons available that are clear and concise. These lessons will teach you vocabulary in context, which is a great way to learn.

There’s even a “reading for beginners” course available, which is basically a live translation exercise of English text into Albanian. This is a great way to practice your reading skills and learn new vocabulary.

Although the quality of the recorded live streams isn’t great, this is still one of our favorite YouTube channels for learning Albanian, due in part to the sheer amount of detail in the lessons.


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The AlexanderTV course is slightly different from the others on this list in that lessons are taught in Albanian, with an aim to helping Albanians learn English. However, this works both ways: the course is also beneficial for English speakers wanting to learn Albanian, and in fact, this is a pretty neat way to learn Albanian like a native.

There are 25 video lessons available, ranging from 5 to 14 minutes in length, that cover common vocabulary and phrases. The graphics are colorful and appealing, making the lessons enjoyable to follow.

In our opinion, this course would be more suitable for those with some prior experience or exposure to the Albanian language, as it could be hard to follow if you’re just starting out.

Albanian Fairy Tales

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The Albanian Fairy Tales channel offers hundreds of animated short stories that are perfect for learning Albanian. The audio is in Albanian and comes with English subtitles, though sadly there’s no Albanian text.

Many of the stories are much-loved tales like Pinocchio, have simple themes, and use child-friendly language, making them perfect for beginners.

The videos are typically under 15 minutes long, which is great for busy learners who want to squeeze in a bit of language learning during their free time.

If you’re looking for an engaging and fun way to learn Albanian, then this is the channel for you.

Final word

Learning Albanian can be a fun and rewarding experience, and there are plenty of great resources available to help you get started. These are our picks for the best YouTube channels that teach Albanian, but be sure to explore other options as well.

And if you want a more interactive and immersive experience, consider checking out our list of the best free apps to learn Albanian.