The Best Free Apps To Help You Learn Albanian

The Best Free Apps To Help You Learn Albanian

Learning a new language can be daunting, but with the help of technology, it doesn’t have to be. There are now a wealth of resources available online and in app form that can make learning Albanian easier and more fun than ever before. And best of all, many of these apps are completely free to use.

One of the great things about learning Albanian with an app is that you can usually take your learning with you wherever you go. Whether you’re stuck on a long train journey or have a few spare minutes in your lunch break, you can always whip out your phone or tablet and get some Albanian practice in.

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Plus, most apps offer a gamified learning experience, which can make memorizing new vocabulary and grammar rules more fun than traditional methods.

However, it’s worth noting that not all apps are created equal. Some are better than others at teaching Albanian, and some are only available on one platform (usually Android).

That’s why when creating this list of the top free Albanian learning apps we tried to choose apps that are both varied in their teaching methods and work cross-platform. This wasn’t always possible, of course.

Some of the apps on our list also have premium features that can be unlocked for a fee, but they can still be enjoyed in their free versions.

So, enough chit-chat, let’s get started!

The Top 8 Apps for Learning Albanian

Learn SQ by 50 Languages

Free albanian app 1

The Learn SQ (Albanian) app by 50 Languages is a useful tool for learning the basics of the Albanian language. The free version of this app has 30 lessons, and with no prior experience, you’ll be able to learn enough Albanian to fluently speak short sentences in real-world situations.

The app follows the Common European Framework, and gets learners to the A1/A2 level. This makes it suitable for all types of learners, including students in language schools and courses, but also those studying independently.

The audio files can be downloaded and listened to anywhere, making it a convenient way to learn Albanian. To get the most out of this app, it is recommended that you learn one lesson a day and regularly review previous lessons.

There are 5 tests included for every category: written, multiple choice, word order, bubble game and fill in the blank. They all test different language skills. You can even record yourself and test your pronunciation.

Available on both iOS and Android.


We say: There’s lots to do in this app, which is always a plus in our eyes. Word lists with both male and female native audio are ordered by category. Then you have flash cards to test what you learned from the word lists.

The games are varied, and you’ll find them quite fun yet also informative.

Our only complaint is the amount of permissions this app asks for, but if you can look past that, you’ll really get a lot out of it. We didn’t even notice any ads while we were using it (they might be there, but we didn’t see any). So, for a free app, you can’t really go wrong.

Memrise: Most Common Albanian Words

Free albanian app 7

The Most Common Albanian Words course on Memrise is a beginner course that introduces learners to 75% of the most commonly used words in the language.

This community-created course is roughly 14 hours long and spread over 62 levels, with some “levels” composed of useful grammar information to help you build your understanding of the Albanian language.

One of the great things about Memrise is that it’s self-paced, so you can learn as quickly or as slowly as you want.

Additionally, the course uses a spaced repetition system, which is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to learn and remember new information.

The audio in this course is provided by a native Albanian speaker, and you even get Gheg forms of the words and phrases, which is the dialect spoken in the north of Albania.

Memrise can be used on all platforms, even desktop.


We say: We really like the fact that they’ve included notes on important Albanian grammar concepts, as without them, we’d be left in the dark.

Audio isn’t available in the later levels, which is a shame, as it’s one of the most useful features of this app.

All topics are clearly marked, and you do get the sense that the creators are very familiar with the language. It isn’t as structured as some other Albanian courses we’ve seen, but vocabulary-heavy courses tend not to be anyway.

Beginner Albanian by Shotgun Experiments

Free albanian app 3

The Beginner Albanian course by Shotgun Experiments helps you learn the basics of the Albanian language, making it great for absolute beginners.

With this app, you can learn up to 12 words a day, and all of the words are tested regularly from then on. If you answer a word correctly, the app will test you less frequently. However, if you answer a word incorrectly, the app will adjust to test you more frequently on that word.

You’ll learn nearly a thousand of the most common words in Albanian, giving you a solid foundation in the language.

Only available on Android.


We say: This is basically a word journal, whereby you choose new words (12 a day) to learn and they are then saved in a list. You can go back and review these words as much as you want, and the app will test you on them regularly.

That’s pretty much it. It’s a simple app but effective for memorizing vocabulary you choose.

Albanian Lingocards by LETS Limited

Free albanian app 4

The Albanian Lingocards app by LETS Limited is a great way to learn essential Albanian words and phrases. The app is designed to be fun and easy to use, with various learning modes that make it easy to learn and remember new vocabulary.

The app also features pictures and clear audio by a native speaker. Words and phrases are categorized by topic, so you can focus on learning the words and phrases that are most relevant to you.

Using a “level up” method, the app encourages you to keep learning new words until you reach the end of the course. Simply put, if you want to unlock more vocabulary, you’ll have to keep practising. If not, you’ll have to pay for them!

With more than 30 levels/topics, this app is a great way to gradually learn Albanian vocabulary.

Only available on Android.


We say: This is one of our favorites when it comes to learning Albanian phrases. Although the app is a little messy and the ads can be quite intrusive (there’s a consistent one that sits at the bottom of the screen and slightly obstructs the buttons), the content is really good.

The audio is clear (and when you press on a word a second time, pronunciation speed is reduced), the words and phrases are well categorized, and the learning method is solid.

Overall, we definitely recommend this app if you want to learn common Albanian vocabulary without spending a penny.

Learn Albanian Language by KakiApps

Free albanian app 5

Not so much an app as it is a list of Albanian words and phrases set into categories, the Learn Albanian Language app is a great tool to have on hand if you’re starting to learn the language.

One of its main benefits is that it’s very simple and straightforward – there are no bells and whistles, just a list of words and phrases that you can scroll through at your own pace.

There are 31 topics in total, ranging from the Albanian alphabet right down to adverbs, so you can focus on learning the words and phrases that are most relevant to you.

There’s no audio, unfortunately, which means you’ll have to find another way to learn how to pronounce the words.

Only available on Android.


We say: This isn’t an attractive app, and it’s extremely basic. The pronunciation “tips” aren’t very helpful, and the lack of audio makes it difficult to learn how to actually say the words.

That being said, we still think it’s a valuable resource, simply because of the range of words and phrases that are included. If you’re starting to learn Albanian and want a quick, no-frills way to build up your vocabulary, this is a good app to have on hand.

Albanian Basic Phrases by Qvyshift LLC

Free albanian app 6

The Albanian Basic Phrases app is a simple, straightforward tool for learning Albanian phrases. It includes a range of useful phrases, organized into different categories (22 categories in total), with audio pronunciation by a native speaker.

The app is free to use and does not require any login or registration. It would make a great companion for travelers, aid workers, linguists planning a trip to Albania or Kosovo, or anyone else interested in learning Albanian.

There are over 600 useful phrases, including emergency terms, medical terms, and military terms. The app also allows users to export the text as Anki flashcards for later review.

What’s more, the app works offline, making it perfect for those traveling to possibly remote areas where an Internet connection is not readily available.

Only available on Android.


We say: Super easy to use, there’s not much to this app. Works great as a quick Albanian phrasebook while traveling. You simply click on a topic, and it shows you a dropdown list of clickable phrases in that category.

We like that there’s some pronunciation help written above the Albanian word. Not a feature we’d expect in an app that also includes audio.

What’s more, when you press the audio, it automatically pronounces the phrases at both the regular speed and a slowed down speed.

Albanian <> English Dictionary by ProDict

Free albanian app 2

This Albanian – English / English – Albanian dictionary by ProDict is a fast, convenient, and offline dictionary that contains over 65,000 words.

In addition to being a great resource for language learners, this dictionary also offers a word trainer, search history, instant start and search features, and the ability to add words to your personal dictionary.

The user-friendly interface and ability to change the font size and color make this dictionary a pleasure to use. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.


We say: A decent reference for easily looking up words in either language. There’s no Albanian audio, sadly (par for the course with dictionary apps in the less commonly-learned languages), so you’ll have to find another resource if you want to learn how to properly pronounce words.

Përralla për Fëmijë Shqip by Bee Apps

Përralla për Fëmijë Shqip

The Përralla për Fëmijë Shqip app is a great resource for adults and children alike, featuring 12 audio stories read by a native Albanian child, pictures to accompany the stories, and quizzes to test comprehension.

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and also has coloring activities and games built in.

Additionally, the app has the ability to switch to an English version – useful for those times when you’re not sure of the Albanian word for something.

Some of the stories are locked and can only be accessed by completing quizzes and earning points. This ultimately makes the app more useful, as it incentivizes learning.


We say: This app is a gem and a delight! We love the fact that you can test your comprehension with quizzes, thereby turning learning into a game. We also appreciate the option to switch to English, as it makes the app more accessible.

While the ads are a little intrusive (every time you go to another section of the app, an ad pops up), it’s a small price to pay for such a great resource.

The recordings, while clear, aren’t without errors. Minor ones, where the child stumbles a little when reading. But this really won’t impede your enjoyment of the stories.

All in all, this is a fantastic app for learners of all ages, and a pleasant way to pick up more Albanian vocabulary.

If you have a few bucks to spare, take a look at some of the paid (but affordable) Albanian language learning apps on the market. We’ve included them in our list because they’re great value for money and offer a lot of features.

The Top 3 Affordable Apps for Learning Albanian

Ling Albanian

Free albanian app 8

The Ling app is a fun, easy way to learn Albanian! There are mini-games, quizzes, and chatbot conversations to help you learn. The lessons are short and sweet, so you can study for just seven minutes a day.

You get to practice your Albanian speaking, listening and reading comprehension throughout the course and with the tests after each lesson. There’s also an overall test after every unit.

There are 5 learning levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Depending on what level you’re at, you can choose to skip ahead or simply work your way through the whole course.

The app is available on iOS, Android and desktop, accessible online or off.


PRICE: Free introductory lessons. Full course works on a subscription model – $8.99 per month; $54.99 per year; or $149.99 for lifetime access. These price includes access to not just the Albanian course but the other 60+ languages.

We say: We’re big fans of Ling, and we’ve spent quite some time using it to learn Albanian. In a relatively short time, and with not much mental strain, you’re able to learn so much.

The chatbot exercises are fun – you converse with a computer like you would on some type of instant messaging app. It makes you feel as though you’re actually having a conversation, which is great for learning purposes.

The app looks and works great; easy to use, clear audio, and helpful tips and instructions.

All in all, we highly recommend Ling for learning Albanian (or any other language, for that matter)!

Learn Albanian by Bluebird Languages

Free albanian app 9

The Bluebird Languages app is an excellent option for those looking to learn Albanian through a primarily audio approach. With hundreds of hours of native Albanian lessons, you’ll be able to learn how to speak, listen, and read Albanian.

A wide range of topics are covered in the interactive audio lessons; this allows you to create a personalized course based on your interests.

The app uses the scientifically proven spaced repetition technique to help retain what you learn long-term. Additionally, quizzes are offered to test your knowledge and reinforce what you’ve learned.

The Bluebird Languages app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

PRICE: Free introductory lessons. Full course (including access to all 160+ languages) costs $13.99 per month, $99.99 per year, or $199.99 for lifetime access.


We say: The Bluebird Languages app is one of our favorites because it offers free daily lessons that are only 6 minutes long, and really clear, easy to follow audio that’s both interactive and a pleasure to listen to. Longer lessons (15 – 45 minutes) are available in the paid version.

You can test your progress with the quiz at the end of each lesson, which covers spelling, reading and listening skills.

There are lots of awesome features, such as the flashcards, pronunciation analysis and voice comparison sections, which are useful for checking your progress.

For learning to actually speak and understand Albanian, this is one of the best apps out there. It’s great for beginners but also offers lessons for those who are already intermediate or advanced speakers.

uTalk Albanian

Free albanian app 10

uTalk offers one of the most comprehensive Albanian language learning courses on the market, with 60+ topics and native speaker audio for every word/phrase.

The course is divided into topics, each of which will take a few hours to complete, and you can learn at your own pace.

In addition to the audio lessons, there are also five games to test your knowledge: a matching game, easy game, speaking game, hard game, memory game and recall game. With these, you’ll be able to hone your reading, listening and speaking skills.

The audio is clear and spoken by natives (both male and female versions are available for everything), with the ability to slow speech down for better comprehension.

Being able to record yourself and compare your pronunciation to the native audio is also a fantastic way to improve your speaking skills.

This course is available on both iOS and Android devices.

PRICE: Free introductory lesson. Full course works on a subscription model – $5.99 per month; $24.99 per 6 months; $34.99 per year. For access to all 140+ language courses, however, there’s the yearly $99.99 option.


We say: uTalk is one of our go-to apps for learning some of the more obscure languages; and their Albanian course, like all the others, doesn’t disappoint. It’s structured well, simple to use, and provides a comprehensive learning experience that tests all your language skills through a variety of fun games.

The colorful pictures included in each lesson aid with memorization, and the ability to hear both male and female pronunciations of each phrase helps you to better understand the different tones in the language.

The downside is that some of the topics and phrases taught in the course may not be relevant to learning Albanian specifically, as they are generic topics uTalk uses for all their language courses.

But other than that, we highly recommend this course for a pleasant introduction to Albanian.

If you want a more detailed look at how uTalk works, check out our post Can You Learn a Language in a Day? Challenge Accepted, where we used the app in our Kinyarwanda language challenge.

Can you learn Albanian on Duolingo or Rosetta Stone?

Unfortunately, neither Duolingo nor Rosetta Stone currently offer Albanian courses. However, in the case of Duolingo, they have expressed interest in developing an Albanian course in the future, so it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for!

In the meantime, as we hope we’ve demonstrated in this article, there plenty of awesome alternatives available, some even more comprehensive than Duolingo or Rosetta Stone.

Ling would be our top recommendation for Albanian language learners looking for Duolingo-style lessons.