Food In Amharic: 88 Meal-Related Words

Food In Amharic: 88 Meal-Related Words

We all love food! And we all have to eat to survive. So, it stands to reason that learning the names of various food items in Amharic should be high on your list of priorities.

If you’re planning a trip to Ethiopia soon, you’ll want to know what the meals on your menu mean when you go out to eat. Or perhaps there’s a nice Ethiopian restaurant in your city and you want to impress the staff by ordering in their native language? Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place!

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In this article, we’ll introduce you to over 80 essential words related to food (ምግብ – migb) and drinks (መጠጦች – met’et’och) in Amharic. Everything’s been split into categories for your browsing convenience, and we’ve even included phonetic, Latin-based Amharic spelling to help you pronounce each word correctly.

Meals in Amharic

In this section, you’ll learn mealtime terms along with the names of some popular dishes. You’ll notice that many of them are pronounced exactly as they are in English.

Breakfast ቁርስ k’urs
Lunch ምሳ misa
Dinner እራት irat
Dessert ጣፋጭ t’afach’
Curry ካሪ karī
Burger በርገር berger
Pizza ፒዛ peeza
Chips (fries) የድንች ጥብስ yedinich t’bs
Sandwich ሳንድዊች sandwich
Salad ሰላጣ selat’a
Soup ሾርባ shorba

LH Meat

Meat in Amharic

Meat ስጋ siga
Chicken ዶሮ doro
Beef የበሬ ስጋ yeberē siga
Pork የአሳማ ስጋ ye’asama siga
Lamb የጠቦት ስጋ yetebot siga
Sausage ቋሊማ k’walīma
Steak ስቴክ stayk
Fish አሳ āsa

LH Ingredients and Cooking

Ingredients and Cooking in Amharic

This section is composed of words relating to foods that you don’t normally eat on their own, but instead, they make up part of a bigger meal.

Bread ዳቦ dabo
Rice ሩዝ ruz
Pasta ፓስታ pasta
Flour ዱቄት duk’et
Oil (cooking) የማብሰያ ዘይት yemabiseya zeyt
Butter ቅቤ k’bē
Eggs እንቁላል ink’ulal
Cheese አይብ āyb
Sugar ስኳር skuar
Salt ጨው ch’ew
Pepper በርበሬ beriberē
Honey ማር mar

LH Fruits

Fruits in Amharic

Self-explanatory, eh? Fruits are lovely, and they’re an important part of a healthy diet. Here are the Amharic names for some popular fruits.

Fruits ፍራፍሬ frafree
Apple ፖም pom
Orange ብርቱካን birtukan
Banana ሙዝ mooz
Strawberry እንጆሪ enjori
Pear ፒር pear
Plum ፕሪም prim
Mango ማንጎ mango
Blueberry ብሉቤሪ bluberi
Cherries ቼሪ cherri
Pineapple አናናስ ananas
Grapes ወይን weyn
Peach ኮክ coke
Coconut ኮኮናት coconut
Lemon ሎሚ lomi
Lime ሎሚ lomi
Melon ሐባብ habab
Papaya ፓፓያ papaya

LH Vegetables

Vegetables in Amharic

We’ll cover common vegetables in this section, including salad items.

Vegetables አታክልቶች atakiltoch
Tomato ቲማቲም tīmatīm
Onion ሽንኩርት shinkurt
Carrot ካሮት karot
Garlic ነጭ ሽንኩርት nech’ shinkurt
Corn በቆሎ bek’olo
Mushroom እንጉዳይ inguday
Broccoli ብሮኮሊ brokoli
Peppers ቃሪያ k’arīya
Lettuce ሰላጣ selat’a
Potato ድንች dinich
Cabbage ጥቅል ጎመን t’ik’il gomen
Cucumber የፈረንጅ ዱባ yeferenj duba
Beans ቦሎቄ bolok’ē
Peas አተር ater
Cauliflower አበባ ጎመን abeba gomen
Pumpkin ዱባ duba
Spinach ስፒናች spīnach

LH Snacks

Snacks in Amharic

Next, we’ll introduce you to the names of some of the most popular snacks in Ethiopia (and the world).

Snacks መክሰስ mekses
Crisps (potato chips) ድንች ቺፕስ dinich chīps
Cookie ኩኪ kukī
Doughnut ዶናት donat
Popcorn ፈንዲሻ fendīsha
Nuts ለውዝ lewz
Candy (sweets) ከረሜላ keremēla
Chocolate ቸኮሌት chekolēt
Cake ኬክ kayk
Yogurt እርጎ irgo
Ice cream አይስ ክሬም āys krēm

LH Drinks

Drinks in Amharic

And last but not least, let’s take a look at some common beverage names in Amharic. After all, you’ll want to know what “beer” is called in Amharic, seeing as it’s by far the most popular alcoholic beverage in Ethiopia.

Drinks መጠጦች met’et’och
Water ውሃ wuha
Milk ወተት wetet
Tea ሻይ shay
Coffee ቡና buna
Orange juice የብርቱካን ጭማቂ yebirtukan ch’imak’i
Lemonade የሎሚ ጭማቂ (ሎሚናት) yelomī ch’imak’i (lomīnat)
Apple juice የኣፕል ጭማቂ ye’apil ch’imak’i
Beer ቢራ bīra
Wine ወይን whyn

Learning the names of various food items in Amharic is a great way to build up your core vocabulary. For the most part, these are words that you’ll use regularly, so it’s well worth putting in the effort to learn them.

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