Days, Months, and Seasons in Georgian

Days, Months, and Seasons in Georgian

Learning a new language opens the door to understanding a culture on a deeper level, and one of the first and most practical aspects to master is the calendar – knowing how to discuss days, months, and seasons.

This is especially true for Georgian, a language rich with history and unique phonetic sounds. Whether you’re planning to travel to Georgia, eager to connect with its vibrant culture, or simply love learning languages, getting familiar with these basics is a great place to start.

Let’s embark on this linguistic journey together as we explore the Georgian calendar, from the days of the week to the changing seasons.

Follow along, and soon you’ll be able to plan your activities in Georgian, talk about birthdays or holidays, and even engage in small talk about the weather and seasons!

days of the week

Days of the Week in Georgian

Days of the Weekკვირის დღეები (k’viris dgheebi)
Mondayორშაბათი (orshabati)
Tuesdayსამშაბათი (samshabati)
Wednesdayოთხშაბათი (otkhshabati)
Thursdayხუთშაბათი (khutshabati)
Fridayპარასკევი (paraskevi)
Saturdayშაბათი (shabati)
Sundayკვირა (k’vira)

months of the year

Months of the Year in Georgian

Monthsთვეები (tveebi)
Januaryიანვარი (ianvari)
Februaryთებერვალი (tebervali)
Marchმარტი (mart’i)
Aprilაპრილი (ap’rili)
Mayმაისი (maisi)
Juneივნისი (ivnisi)
Julyივლისი (ivlisi)
Augustაგვისტო (agvisto)
Septemberსექტემბერი (sek’temberi)
Octoberოქტომბერი (ok’thomberi)
Novemberნოემბერი (noemberi)
Decemberდეკემბერი (dek’emberi)


Seasons in Georgian

Seasonsსეზონები (sezonebi)
Springგაზაფხული (gazapkhuli)
Summerზაფხული (zaphkhuli)
Autumn/Fallშემოდგომა (shemodgoma)
Winterზამთარი (zamtari)

As we wrap up our exploration of the Georgian calendar, remember that language learning is a gradual process. Practice regularly, and don’t shy away from using what you’ve learned in conversation with native speakers.

By now, you should have a good grasp of how to refer to the days, months, and seasons in Georgian. Keep revisiting these words and incorporate them into your daily practice.

Whether you’re noting down your schedule or sharing your favorite season with a friend in Georgian, each small step is progress.

Now test your knowledge with our Georgian days, months, and seasons flashcard quiz!