Everything You Need To Learn Luxembourgish

Everything You Need To Learn Luxembourgish

Luxembourgish is a Germanic language spoken by about 500,000 people in Luxembourg. It’s the national language of Luxembourg, alongside French and German.

Luxembourgish is part of the family of West Germanic languages that also includes Dutch, Afrikaans, and Yiddish. It is very closely related to German, sharing many linguistic traits with the German language, so much so that the two languages are mutually intelligible.

The bad news for anyone hoping to learn Luxembourgish, is that learning materials are almost nonexistent. Thus, our list is a tiny one, but we hope there’s enough here to get you started.

Luxembourgish Language Learning Books

Though you won’t find any comprehensive Luxembourgish course books, your next best option is a Luxembourgish phrasebook.

Courses are more helpful for long-term learning, whereas a phrasebook can introduce you to the language in a way that’s relevant and immediately useful, especially if you’re going to be visiting Luxembourg soon.

Another great way to learn some vocabulary is with a Luxembourgish puzzle book. You’ll learn a bunch of new words while having fun. What’s not to love?

Luxembourgish Children’s Books

As a beginner, reading children’s books in Luxembourgish is one of the most effective methods for learning vocabulary and truly familiarizing yourself with how the language works.

Luxembourgish kids’ books are written in a way that’s easy to understand, even if you’re still learning basic words and sentences. You’ll boost your reading comprehension considerably.

Luxembourgish Movies & TV Shows

Wherever possible, you should always try to watch as much Luxembourgish-language media as possible.

Luxembourgish movies and TV shows are the perfect way for you to get acquainted with common Luxembourgish phrases, slang, idioms, and, of course, pronunciation.