Everything You Need To Learn Macedonian

Everything You Need To Learn Macedonian

Macedonian (native name: Македонски, transliterated as Makedonski) is a South Slavic language spoken by around 2 million people, the majority of whom live in the Republic of Macedonia.

The language is part of the Slavic branch of Indo-European languages, with its closest linguistic relatives being Bulgarian and Serbian. Macedonian is said to be mutually intelligible with both languages, though it depends on the dialects spoken.

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Unlike the other South Slavic languages, which are written using the Latin alphabet, Macedonian is written using the Cyrillic alphabet.

While Macedonian learning resources aren’t as plentiful as they are for some of the other Slavic languages like Bulgarian, there’s more than enough here to give you a good foundation in the language.

Macedonian Language Learning Books

A good Macedonian course book will introduce you to the basics of Macedonian grammar and teach you the rules of the language. You can use it to get a handle on sentence structure, vocabulary building, and common usages of words—all things that are essential to learning Macedonian.

If you like word puzzles, then consider getting yourself a Macedonian word scramble puzzle book to help you learn lots of new words while having fun.

Macedonian Children’s Books

Macedonian kids’ books are excellent learning resources because they use common language and simple vocabulary, making them easy for beginners to understand. You’ll be able to read the stories and enjoy yourself while learning.

Some of the books on this list are English-Macedonian bilingual/dual language stories, making it easy to follow the story and quickly look up Macedonian words you don’t understand.

Macedonian Movies & TV Shows

Watching Macedonian-language TV shows and movies is an excellent way to pick up things like correct pronunciation, everyday language, Macedonian idioms, slang and turns of phrase.

Not only is this a fun way to build Macedonian vocabulary, you’ll give your listening skills a workout too, which is equally important.

Mirage (Iluzija): Macedonian Language Movie)

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