Everything You Need To Learn Polish

Everything You Need To Learn Polish

Polish is a West Slavic language that is the native language in Poland, where it’s spoken by around 45 million people. It’s also the second most-spoken Slavic language, after Russian.

In terms of linguistic similarities, Polish is closely related to Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian, having the same West Slavic roots, and more distantly related to other Slavic languages such as Ukrainian and Russian.

Polish seems to be a popular language among language enthusiasts, and this might explain why there are plenty of learning materials available internationally. We’ve put together a list of those we find most useful.

Polish Language Learning Books

As an introduction to the language, you can’t go wrong with a Polish course book. A good Polish study book will go through the basics of Polish and help you build a solid foundation, teaching you vocabulary as well as grammar, not to mention how to build your own sentences. Many will be packed with exercises for you to complete, and some even include audio files to aid in pronunciation.

Another important book to add to your collection is a concise English-Polish dictionary. This way, you can always have a handy reference guide with you as you learn Polish.

If you enjoy word puzzles, consider treating yourself to a Polish word search puzzle book or a Polish crossword puzzle book. These present fun ways for you to add to your vocabulary.

Polish Children’s Books

Learning Polish can be made even more fun by reading children’s books in Polish. Polish kids’ books tend to be full of colorful illustrations, simplistic language, and short sentences, making them easy to read for beginners of all ages.

You’ll pick up plenty of new words, and you’ll get used to seeing how the language works in a more natural setting than what you’d find in textbooks.

Many of the Polish children’s books on this list are also bilingual English-Polish dual language stories, meaning you can use the English text as a translation guide while you read the Polish version of the story.

Polish Fiction

Once you’re more comfortable with your reading ability, you should move on to some Polish books written for older readers. Here you’ll find much more advanced language and ideas, which will challenge you and give your Polish vocabulary a huge boost.

Polish Movies & TV Shows

Polish language learning DVDs, usually aimed at children, are a rare treat for any language learner. These types of videos use music and illustrations to teach you common words and phrases, making the whole experience memorable.

Watching movies with Polish dubbing or audio is a great way to gain exposure to real-life Polish, as it’s spoken by native speakers. This will give you a good idea of the language as it would be used in everyday life.

Other benefits include learning proper pronunciation, Polish slang and colloquialisms.

Polish Digital Courses

If you don’t fancy learning Polish through book courses, then consider getting one of the available Polish e-courses that teach you the language in a more organic way.

Polish digital courses use audio and/or video instruction to immerse you in the language, making sure you pick Polish up naturally, as a native might learn. These are designed to build your speaking and listening skills, making them perfect for people who want to start Polish from day one.

Both Udemy and Pimsleur offer Polish digital courses, the former delivering lessons in video format, offering 19 hours of video instruction, while the latter uses audio-only lessons to familiarize you with the language.

Each program has its benefits, and you should review the features of each before making a purchase.



Pimsleur Conversational Polish Course - Level 1 Lessons 1-16 CD


Pimsleur Polish Basic Course - Level 1 Lessons 1-10 CD


Free Polish Worksheets

With our free downloadable Polish word search puzzle worksheets, you can print them at home and complete them in your own time. Polish word search puzzles are great for acquiring new, relevant vocabulary in a fun way.