Fluent in Spanish Fast: 20 ‘I am…’ Phrases You Need to Know

Fluent in Spanish Fast: 20 “I am…” Phrases You Need to Know

¡Hola, language aficionados! Ever find yourself searching for the right words on the sun-soaked streets of Barcelona or while enjoying a lively conversation at a Madrid café?

Sure, knowing “sí” and “no” gets you through some situations, but how do you express that “I’m tired” after a day of exploring, or “I’m lost” in the winding alleys of Granada? What if you’re “in love” with the vibrant culture and want to express your affection in Spanish?

¡No te preocupes! (Don’t worry!) We’re here to kick your Spanish conversation skills up a notch with our list of the 20 most common “I am…” sentences in Spanish.

With these phrases, you’ll soon be sharing your feelings and states like a true hispanohablante, whether you’re navigating through a bustling market or having a heart-to-heart chat with a Spanish-speaking amigo.

A brief note about gender in Spanish: the Spanish language has a gender for all nouns and adjectives. For this reason, some of the phrases we’ve shared in this post have an “a” in parentheses after the adjective. This represents the feminine form of the word.

If you’re a male, you would use the masculine form (without the “a”), and if you’re a female, you’d use the feminine form (with the “a”). By paying attention to these gendered nuances, you’re ensuring that your sentences align with the grammatical norms of the Spanish language.

¿Estás listo/a? Let’s dive in and start talking like a local!

I am fineEstoy bien
I am tiredEstoy cansado/a
I am hungryTengo hambre
I am thirstyTengo sed
I am happyEstoy feliz
I am sadEstoy triste
I am busyEstoy ocupado/a
I am sorryLo siento
I am lateLlego tardo
I am readyEstoy listo/a
I am hereEstoy aquí
I am lostEstoy perdido/a
I am hotTengo calor
I am coldTengo frío
I am sickEstoy enfermo/a
I am angryEstoy enojado/a
I am confusedEstoy confundido/a
I am scaredTengo miedo
I am sureEstoy seguro/a
I am in loveEstoy enamorado/a

¡Y ahí lo tienes! Now that these 20 “I am…” phrases are a part of your Spanish vocabulary, you’re one step closer to expressing yourself more naturally and confidently.

Remember, learning a language is a beautiful journey of discovery. Stumbling and making mistakes are all part of the adventure. After all, as the Spanish saying goes, “La práctica hace al maestro” (Practice makes the master).

So, keep practising and enjoying the process. ¡Buena suerte!