An Introduction To Tok Pisin: 16 Common Phrases For Beginners

An Introduction To Tok Pisin: 16 Common Phrases For Beginners

Hey folks!

Ever heard of Tok Pisin? If you’re scratching your head wondering what that is, well, you’re in for a treat. Tok Pisin is one of the official languages of Papua New Guinea. It’s a creole language that developed during the 19th century when English-speaking traders and missionaries interacted with the diverse linguistic communities of the region.

Ready to dive in and learn some basic phrases? Let’s get started!

16 Common Tok Pisin Phrases

1. Hello


2. Good morning

Moning tru

3. Thank you


4. Yes


5. No


6. What’s your name?

Wanem nem bilong yu?

7. My name is…

Nem bilong mi…

8. Sorry

Mi sori

9. How much is this?

Dispela em hamas?

10. Excuse me.


11. Where’s the bathroom / toilet?

Ol toilet i stap we?

12. How are you? / What are you doing?

Yu makim wanem?

13. I’m fine.

Mi orait tasol.

14. I want…

Mi laikim…

15. I don’t understand.

Mi no harim tok bilong yu.

16. Goodbye!


Learning Tok Pisin can be a fun adventure. It’s a blend of elements from indigenous languages, English, and even some German. And while the above phrases will give you a basic foundation, there’s so much more to explore and understand.

Until next time! Gutbai and happy learning!