Everything You Need To Learn Tok Pisin

Everything You Need To Learn Tok Pisin

Tok Pisin, also known as Pidgin, the Melting Pot Language or Neo-Melanesian, is an English/Austronesian language that originated in Papua New Guinea. It is spoken by approximately 100,000 people, and is the widest spoken language in Papua New Guinea.

Tok Pisin was originally used as a means to communicate between European bosses and Papua New Guinea plantation workers, hence why you’ll find many loan words from Portuguese, German and English in the language. It has now evolved into an official language of Papua New Guinea, along with English and Hiri Motu.

If you’re thinking of learning Tok Pisin, unfortunately, there aren’t many resources for doing so. We’ve compiled a list of everything we could find, and hope that it will be useful to you.

Tok Pisin Language Learning Books

Unlike most other languages, there aren’t any Tok Pisin course books available for learners. The next best thing would be a Tok Pisin phrasebook.

With one of these, you’ll be able to learn essential vocabulary, thereby skipping lessons on Tok Pisin grammar, sentence structure etc. These will come in very handy for anyone planning a trip to Papua New Guinea in the near future.

Also think about getting a English-Tok Pisin dictionary so you can add thousands of new words to your lexicon, and look up any new words you encounter during your language journey.

Tok Pisin Children’s Books

Another great way to strenghten your language skills, reading comprehension, and add some extra vocabulary, is by reading children’s books in Tok Pisin. They’re short, sweet and easy-to-read, and the bold illustrations help with memorization. This makes Tok Pisin kids’ books perfect for beginners.

Tok Pisin Fiction

When you’re feeling extra confident, you should progress on to more advanced reading material, Tok Pisin books for older readers.

The Bible in Tok Pisin is one such book that will give your reading and general comprehension skills a huge boost, exposing you to more complex vocabulary and themes.

Tok Pisin Digital Courses

Studying isn’t just limited to books. You could try learning the language using a Tok Pisin e-course that’s designed to nurture your speaking and listening skills, and prime you for communication with natives.

Check out the Instant Immersion Tok Pisin course by EuroTalk. This fun, interactive digital download is packed with interesting, varied lessons, plenty of audio to aid with pronunciation, and aims to teach you all of the basic words and phrases you’ll need while abroad.


Instant Immersion Level 1 - Pidgin (Tok Pisin) [Download]