Everything You Need To Learn Tswana

Everything You Need To Learn Tswana

Tswana (also known as Setswana) is a Bantu language spoken in Southern Africa. There are around 8 million speakers of Tswana, the majority of whom live in Botswana and South Africa, with smaller populations in Zambia, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. It is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa.

Tswana is closely related to Sesotho, and is considered largely mutually intelligible with it. It is also more distantly related to Xhosa, Zulu, and Ndebele.

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One of the unique features of Tswana is the use of clicks, which often accompany certain letters.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many learning materials available for those interested in learning Tswana. That said, there are a handful of resources that we believe will get you well on your way to conversational level.

Tswana Language Learning Books

Sadly, there are no reputable Tswana course books, so the next best thing for learning the language is a Tswana phrasebook and dictionary. The former can be used to help you get through everyday conversations with natives, while the latter will serve you well when you come across new words you don’t know.

If you have trouble with pronunciation, you might want to get yourself a Tswana pronunciation guide.

Tswana Children’s Books

Reading children’s books in Tswana is one of the most effective ways for beginners to pick up lots of new vocabulary without unduly overwhelming themselves. You’ll also be exposed to Tswana words and phrases in context, which will allow you to naturally absorb their meaning.

Tswana Music

Listening to songs with Tswana lyrics is also a fun, interesting way to immerse yourself in the language. Passive listening won’t be a chore for you, and you’ll get to learn how the language is pronounced by its native speakers. Plus, catchy songs are a great way to pick up new words and phrases.

Ancient Civilizations Of Southern Africa, Vol. 3: The Tswana People [CD]

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Tswana Digital Courses

If you’re not a big fan of book-learning, then maybe a Tswana e-course with audio lessons might be more your thing. These types of courses are designed to help you develop your Tswana speaking and listening abilities, which are crucial for conversational fluency. They usually use audio lessons to achieve this.

EuroTalk’s Talk Now! Tswana CD-ROM course is composed of audio lessons that are aimed at familiarizing you with key words and phrases, enabling you to have conversations with natives by the end.


Talk Now! Learn Tswana: Beginners Setswana CD-ROM Course

as of August 17, 2023 4:00 pm