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Body Parts And Clothes In Albanian

Body Parts And Clothes In Albanian

As a newbie to the wonderful world of Albanian, it’s important to learn the common words and phrases that you’re likely to encounter and use frequently. That’s why most beginners start with basic, everyday words, as these are some of the most relevant, and thus often some of the easiest to remember.

Two essential topics you should learn early on in your studies in any language are body parts (pjesët e trupit) and the clothes (rrobat) that you wear on them. This is because you need to be able to communicate when something hurts, or identify the clothes you’re wearing.

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If you’ve spent enough time studying Albanian, you’ll have noticed that it doesn’t really resemble any other language you may be familiar with. This is due to Albanian’s unique origins and status as a language isolate (a language with no known relatives).

This means that, although a couple of the words you’re about to encounter might look familiar, the majority of them will seem completely foreign. As a result, they’ll be slightly harder to recall.

Fear not, however! We’ve broken everything down into manageable sections so you can learn the vocabulary little by little. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Head in Albanian

Head in Albanian

A good starting point is the head and all its various features, of which there are many. You probably won’t notice any lexical similarities to other languages here, but that’s what makes things exciting!

English Albanian
Head Koka
Face Fytyra
Hair Flokët
Ear Veshi
Nose Hunda
Eyes Sytë
Forehead Balli
Mouth Goja
Chin Mjekra
Jaw Nofulla
Teeth Dhëmbët
Lips Buzët
Eyebrow Vetulla
Eyelashes Qerpikët
Tongue Gjuha
Cheek Faqja

Upper body in Albanian

Upper body in Albanian

In this section, we’ll be covering the upper body (pjesa e sipërme e trupit), from the neck right down to the chest, and everything in between.

English Albanian
Neck Qafa
Chest Gjoksi
Arm Krahu
Back Shpina
Hand Dora
Fingers Gishtat
Shoulder Shpatulla
Stomach Barku
Throat Fyti
Fingernail Thoi
Elbow Bërryli
Wrist Kyçi i dorës

Lower body in Albanian

Lower body in Albanian

Next, we’ll focus on the lower body (pjesa e poshtme e trupit). Here, you’ll learn the Albanian words for the body parts located in the lower half of the human body.

English Albanian
Leg Këmba
Knee Gjuri
Ankle Kyçi i këmbës
Foot Shputa e këmbës
Toes Gishtat e këmbës
Thigh Kofsha
Heel Thembra

Inner body and organs in Albanian

Internal organs in Albanian

We can’t forget the inner body and the organs (organet e brendshme) that make the body function. This includes things like skin and that awesome red stuff that flows through us all.

English Albanian
Skin Lëkura
Kidney Veshka
Liver Mëlçia
Heart Zemra
Brain Truri
Lung Mushkëria
Blood Gjaku
Bones Kockat
Muscle Muskuli

Clothes in Albanian

Clothes in Albanian

And finally, we finish with a section on clothes (rrobat), where you’ll learn the Albanian words for the most commonly worn items of clothing and jewellery.

ShortsPantallona të shkurtra

As you can see, Albanian is a unique language with a rich, somewhat mysterious vocabulary. Although some of the words may be hard to wrap your head around at first, with a little practice (and possibly with the help of flashcards), you’ll be able to master them in no time!

And now that you know the basics of Albanian body parts and clothes, why not put your new knowledge to the test with this free downloadable Albanian matching worksheet, where you match the correct body part to the right clothing item?

Body parts and clothing Albanian Cover

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