Everything You Need To Learn Amharic

Everything You Need To Learn Amharic

Amharic is the national language of Ethiopia, which is spoken by over 50 million people in that country alone. It’s also spoken in some areas of Eritrea.

Amharic is an Afro-Asiatic language from the Semitic family, just like Arabic and Hebrew.

There aren’t nearly as many tools and resources created for Amharic learners as there are for learners of, say, English, French and Spanish.

However, with the right resources and a lot of dedication, it is still possible to learn Amharic from scratch, on your own. This ever-growing list of resources will give you everything you need to reach fluency in Amharic.

Amharic Language Learning Books

Amharic books that teach you the language are valuable resources, whether you’ve chosen to start your language journey using audio or in-person courses.

Amharic study books will help you master the grammar and sentence structure of the language, which is very important when you’re trying to learn Amharic the right way.

Adding a good Amharic written course/grammar book and dictionary to your arsenal will put you ahead of the game when it comes to learning the language.

Amharic Children’s Books

Reading children’s books in Amharic is a great way to learn the language, even with little to no formal language education.

Children’s books are one of the best ways to absorb new information and vocabulary, and you’ll start to learn Amharic language structure in a natural, simple way.

Amharic Digital Courses

An Amharic digital course, usually in audio format, is ideal for those who are looking for a structured, guided path to fluency, and don’t want to get bogged down with reading early on.

As mentioned earlier, Amharic language learning courses are hard to come by. Luckily, Udemy does offer at least one course that will get you started on the right track and give you a solid foundation in the language.


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